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I had the most amazing and emotional experience yesterday with one of our residents and her family. She is usually not able to connect verbally to a conversation. When I put the headphones on her and she heard her daughter's voice and caught sight of her standing at the window she lit up! She said 'Hey!' Her daughter and I both started bawling. Throughout the visit she made a few more statements even telling her 'Well, I love you too'”

Becky Wagner Becky Wagner
Engagement Director, The Arbor Company John’s Creek

I love Eversound. If you haven’t tried them- just do it! When we first got the set, I picked a few residents I thought would benefit most due to hearing deficits. I have to say I was amazed! My resident that would only stay for a few minutes stays now for most of the program. A screamer stopped screaming (considerably) and now responds and participates. We decided to try it on our other MC neighborhood. So much success!!!”

Donna Porci Donna Porci
Memory Care Coordinator, The Kensington

“We actually have a resident who is mostly deaf and his wife hasn’t been able to communicate with him because he doesn’t have the ability to read or write anymore. So we gave her the headset to use with him and she was in tears because he could finally hear her and respond and engage with her so it was really beautiful.”

Pacific Gardens Pacific Gardens

The residents continue to use and love the headphones. It’s really amazing how much of a difference it makes – participation for programming has increased, and we are seeing residents that didn’t often come out of their rooms because they were embarrassed/frustrated that they couldn’t hear. Thank you so much for the opportunity to partner with you!”

Lynne Dionne Lynne Dionne
Bedford Falls, Benchmark

It was great to finally be able to see and talk to Mom, live and in person with the Eversound headphones. After a few minutes we quickly forgot that there was a window separating us!”

Jackie Jackie
Daughter of Resident, Maplewood

Before the pandemic we used our Eversound headphones during concerts and educational seminars to enhance our resident’s experience. Now we’re using Eversound to assist them in hearing their loved ones. In a time of uncertainty, we are protecting our residents by facilitating window visits and video chats, and use Eversound headphones so our residents can communicate with ease and decrease their anxiety and increase their happiness.”

Carmelia Wilson Carmelia Wilson
Wellness Director, Tudor Oaks

Eversound has been an amazing support tool during this challenging time. We have used Eversound for hallway exercise, hallway bingo, hallway trivia, and family visits. Previously we were utilizing Eversound in most group activities, presentations, and resident council meetings. Our resident Eversound usage is increasing by the week, as we see more residents getting more comfortable with using the headphones. We are so thankful to be able to offer Eversound to enhance resident activity participation and satisfaction.”

Cascades of Bend Retirement and Assisted Living Executive Director
Cascades of Bend Retirement and Assisted Living

Just having your headphones honestly has been more helpful than you all may know. From personal video calls to smaller groups where people need to sit further apart, Eversound had been our saving grace.”

Shari Sweeney Shari Sweeney
Director of Programming, Compass by the Bay

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Our wireless headphones minimize social isolation by enabling residents to hear and focus. Even while physically distant, our systems bring people together for meaningful moments of connection.

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