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10-headphone package

Eversound’s easy-to-use headphone system for groups transforms daily life for residents by enhancing the quality of activities and interactions in large and small group settings. Eversound’s standard headphone package includes 10 Eversound headphones, one transmitter and one portable charging case. The 10-Headphone Package is your community’s go-to solution for increasing resident engagement, quality of life and meaningful connections among family, friends and staff.

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Designed for group settings and social interactions, the 10-Headphone Package empowers residents to connect and engage in group programming by enhancing their ability to follow, understand and focus. From regularly scheduled exercise programs,to scenic outings, to lectures and discussions, Eversound’s 10-Headphone Package enhances group experiences which increases resident well-being and can reduce social isolation.

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Eversound’s standard 10-Headphone Package can be modified to fit your community’s needs. In addition to our 10-Headphone Package, members have the opportunity to add-on the 2-Headphone Package*. The 2-Headphone Package is designed to empower seniors in one-to-one interactions including family visits, prospective resident tours, caregiver communications and music therapy.

*The 2-Headphone Package is only available to member communities with the 10-headphone package.
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