Smaller Package. Added Flexibility.

Our 4-headphone package provides added flexibility in small group programs and one-on-one interactions through our NEW, easy-to-use microphone-transmitter. This package gives communities on tighter budgets the ability to provide hearing access and elevated activity programming to residents.

Use in conversational or small group mode

Conversational Mode
  • Hang vertically from the lanyard around the speaker's neck
  • Enhance interpersonal conversations during personal visits, caregiver sessions, and prospect tours
  • Use any number of the four headphones and mic transmitter
Small Group Mode
  • Place the microphone-transmitter in the center of a small group
  • Enhance discussions between groups of two to four people
  • Use during small group activities, resident clubs, and when dining

Compact and easy to use


charging contacts

Charge fast and simply with drop-in charging contacts


micro-usb port

Charge using a wired connection


aux. audio in

Plug in any audio source to broadcast to headphones



Amplify a small group or individual conversation


power on/off

Power on and off the transmitter



Register headphones or mute the microphone input


lanyard magnets

Easily connect the provided lanyard

Flexibly use throughout your community

  • Enhance visits with family and friends
  • Support watching television or listening to music