10 Things Only Activity Directors Will Understand

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Becoming an activities or programs professional is a calling, it truly takes a dedicated and compassionate person–we can all agree on that right? Sure, people think it’s all fun and games (and it is fun and there are games) but what sometimes goes overlooked is how these professionals are the jack-of-all-trades (and invaluable) to residents and communities alike. Therapist? Check. Server? Check. Entertainer? Check. Marketer? Check. And the list goes on.

Because this is such a special position, here are things only the select few will understand.

1. When someone asks whether you just play games all day 


2. When your first wish from a genie looks like this


3. When your director asks why there isn’t an ice sculpture for a resident’s 100th birthday party


4. When your residents remind you how amazing they are



5. When state surprises you and you get 0 deficiencies


6. When you know your residents’ schedules better than anyone else


7. When *literally* nothing can keep you down


8. When every holiday comes around


9. When you are on your sixth day straight without a day off

When you’re emotionally exhausted but the show must go on


10. When see you’re changing the world one person at a time


Thanks for all you do every. single. day!