As it starts to warm up outside, residents enjoy spending as much time as possible in the sun! This can be difficult for staff as it means residents stop attending activities to be out instead. To combat this, schedule outdoor activities for your residents to enjoy!

1. Gardening

Give your residents the space to enjoy their favorite hobbies. A great one to do outside is gardening! Residents can listen to music, instructions and work together. Try using your visitation package so residents can easily hear each other and work together from a distance.

2. Sightseeing Tours

Gather everyone in your van and take them on a scenic trip! Set up your Eversound system so everyone can hear your fun commentary. Drive to somewhere beautiful, or play tourist in your hometown!

3. Walk in a Park

Go for a nice walk outside in the park. Pass out Eversound so residents can do a little wandering while still listening and staying close by. You can point out specific plants, trees, flowers, and animals that you spot!

4. Trivia!

Take your trivia game outside! Allow residents to enjoy the beauty of nature while playing fun trivia games. Are you searching for a game? The eversound members portal has dozens of trivia games!

5. Competitive Games

Play summer camp and enjoy some fun games with your residents. Unsure of which games to try? Try a fun game, like ladder golf, lawn bowling, or corn hole!

6. Movie Night

Have a movie night outside! Use a projector and set up your own mini snack station for residents to enjoy while watching the movie. Don’t know which movie to watch? Go with a classic like some like it hot, and then enjoy the discussion guide in the members portal to learn behind-the-scenes secrets and share everyone’s thoughts!

With the Eversound system, your residents can enjoy a performance from outside. Set up the performer outside with everything they need, or put them inside with a door open so residents can see and enjoy them from inside and outside at the same time!

Do you have any programs you love to do outside? Let us know at for a chance to be featured on our members portal!