With Nursing Home Week around the corner, the Spirit of America will buzzing in communities around the country. This year’s theme (“The Spirit of America”) “underscores the bond between staff, volunteers, and residents that capture the American spirit.” Nursing Home Week kicks off on Sunday, May 14th (Mother’s Day) and runs through Saturday, May 20th.

We’ve heard and read about a lot of fantastic ideas, so we compiled a list to share them. Here are just a few of our favorites!

Celebrating America

Might as well kick off celebrating America with a day full of red, white and blue! Encourage everyone to dress in patriotic colors, host a BBQ cook-out, a watermelon eating contest, and a flag-raising ceremony. Create a fun photo-booth from red, white and blue dollar store items like balloons, hats, and flowers.

Wild West

Go way back to the wild, wild west for a fun day of cowboy and cowgirls and a good old fashioned staged “shoot out” with water guys. Enjoy some karaoke with classic country tunes, kube dancing, a competitive game of hangman, and even a Wild West movie night featuring the Dukes of Hazzard.

Baseball Day

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to appreciate one of America’s favorite pastimes. Baseball began being recognized as one of our nation’s favorite pastimes in the 1920s thanks to construction of large ballparks, radio and newspaper sports coverage, and a sense of pride in regional teams. Encourage everyone to rep their favorite team’s shirt or hat, play ball outside, and maybe even a hot-dog eating contest.

History Trivia & Military Recognition

Take time to recognize any residents or residents’ family members that have served in our armed forces. Encourage staff and residents write letters or put together small packages to send to our current military service men and women. End the day with a competitive showdown of staff versus resident trivia on the history of America!

Carnival Day!

Finish off the week with a full day of carnival fun! Have residents try their luck at some ring toss, cornhole or a water balloon toss to win prizes. Staff, volunteers, and residents can bob for apples, get their faces painted and indulge in some delicious popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones.

National Nursing Home Week is a fantastic way for “residents and their loved ones, staff, volunteers, and surrounding communities to recognize the role of skilled nursing care centers in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities.”

Enjoy the week!

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