We love to fill our summer days with outdoor activities, lounging, enjoying a warm breeze, and reading a book in a shade. But every once in a while, the clouds rolls in. Yeah, summer isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. (Wishful thinking!) Sadly, a summer storm can postpone the outdoor activities you plan like gardening, croquet, and pickleball.

Don’t worry if a little rain gets in the way of a wonderful day in the sun. Come up with a Plan B, take your activities indoors, and create your fun inside. As long as your residents are keeping their minds active and you’re igniting a little laughter, whatever you plan will be a success.

Movie Day

Movies and rainy days go hand in hand. While this might be an obvious choice, check the weather that week and schedule your movie screening on a potentially rainy day. That way it’s already planned!

Far-Off Destinations

For the technologically savvy, use virtual reality glasses to transport residents to exotic, sandy beaches. This will definitely lighten the mood. You can add themed music and food or drinks to really make it feel like a vacation!

Story Telling

While it’s beneficial to hold book reading on a regular basis, you can always switch it up and read short stories or poetry on a gloomy day. Invite a local librarian to read or do it yourself.

Surprise, it’s happy hour!

There’s nothing more fun than an impromptu party. Break out the signature cocktails (sea breeze, mojito, or anything fruity or colorful), wine spritzers, and beer and gather residents inside for an indoor party that will surely lift their spirits.

Keep it going indoors

Bring your outdoor activity in! There might be some things, like gardening and volleyball, that don’t easily transfer, but others might. If you were going on a nature walk, find a nature documentary on demand. If you had a sport activity planned, break out the badminton racquets and use a balloon as a ball.

Scavenger hunt

Prepare an indoor scavenger hunt that takes teams all over the community. Put prizes in hidden places and involve the staff too.

Bring out the cards

Start a card tournament and play favorites like Rummy, Go Fish, and War. If a game of cards isn’t popular among the seniors, you can always bring out the board games. Who doesn’t love a game of Yahtzee?