When you’re looking for technology that can make an impact across every area of your senior living community, Eversound is a great option. Our wireless headphones and transmitters are ready-made for use by activity directors, memory care specialists and sales directors. But what if there are more ways to use Eversound: some unconventional use cases that can invigorate your community and shake up your residents’ daily routines?

The Eversound wireless headphone system amplifies sound and enhances communication for residents and staff. Eversound allows you to communicate or broadcast audio at distances of up to 300 feet (without the need for WiFi or cellular service), making it a perfect addition to almost every part of your residents’ schedules — especially for those experiencing hearing loss.

Over 1,200 communities across the country have shown that Eversound is a great complement to large group activities, family visits, clinical appointments, prospect tours, one-on-one therapy sessions and resident council meetings. But the utility doesn’t have to stop there.

Once you’ve acquired a purposeful technology system, it’s up to you and your staff to find creative ways to maximize your investment. Eversound is here to help jumpstart those creative cogs with a few ideas.

7 Unconventional Ways to Use Eversound

We’ve compiled seven other ways to use Eversound — ones that might not have crossed your mind right away. We’ll also identify other purposeful technology that can complement our wireless headphone system:

1. Neighbor Chats

Hosting “neighbor chats” with Eversound is a great way to build camaraderie among residents. While residents living on the same floor or hall may see each other in passing, neighbor chats give residents an opportunity to speak in a more personal manner — without leaving their rooms. Plus, Eversound’s amplifying technology makes for clear communication, unlike traditional phone calls which can be difficult to hear.

It could look something like this: staff members bring two Eversound systems to two randomly assigned rooms that are within the system’s 300-foot range. Neighbors can then chat with each other while they do whatever they choose — clean up around their apartment, sit in bed, etc. Random assignments could form new connections, or staff could pair best buddies to let them chat freely without needing to leave the comforts of their room.

2. Language Interpretation

Many senior living communities have a multilingual census, which can sometimes make communication difficult for staff members that don’t speak multiple languages. Members of the Eversound team recently showed how the wireless headphone system could help reduce the need for interpreters at South Cove Manor Rehabilitation Center in Quincy, Massachusetts.

At South Cove, roughly 80% of the census speaks either Mandarin or Cantonese dialects. The Eversound team decided to download the highly-rated Microsoft Translator app on a smartphone. They then plugged an Eversound transmitter into the phone — allowing the app to translate their English words. The residents and staff heard a crystal clear translation through their Eversound headphones. Interpreters were no longer needed for every resident council meeting.

3. Silent Discos

Bet you weren’t ready for a silent disco discussion! Residents, staff and family members from Commonwealth Senior Living showed off their moves with an Eversound-enabled silent disco that featured 200 attendees from six assisted living locations.

The theme of the event was “Dance Through the Decades,” allowing residents to relieve their favorite hits from Johnny Cash, Elvis, the Bee Gees and more. The DJ was able to connect their phone to the Eversound transmitter, which broadcast music to audience members that were donning their Eversound headphones. Everyone could hear the music at a comfortable, safe volume that still allowed them to enjoy the event.

Best of all, any residents with hearing loss could easily be included thanks to Eversound’s ability to reduce background noise and amplify sound.

4. Worship and Devotionals

Religious services are an essential part of many residents’ lives. However, residents experiencing hearing loss might have difficulty enjoying their services in a group setting.
Bringing the Eversound headphone system into the fold can help residents hear and fully immerse themselves in scripture, song, discussion and sermons.

Whether you have a guest religious leader speaking, or a live broadcast on the TV, Eversound can make sure everyone is able to hear and understand.

5. Guided Meditation

Spirituality can take many forms, and some residents might prefer meditation. Eversound works for any preference!

Consider using Eversound in tandem with meditation apps such as HeadSpace or Calm — or explore the wealth of free meditation content on YouTube. Residents will be able to truly find their zen when listening, thanks to Eversound’s ability to eliminate background noise and block out distractions.

6. Grocery Shopping

Don’t forget that Eversound works outside of your community as well! It makes a great complement to any resident outing, whether you’re going on a guided tour of a museum, attending the movie theater, or representing your community at a town hall meeting.

One particularly fun use: grocery shopping. Residents can communicate with each other as they browse the aisles, or leaders can broadcast calming music or audiobooks through the transmitter. Consider implementing a “Grocery Games” challenge, where residents have to return with a list of items in a certain time frame to win a prize.

7. Virtual Reality

If a trip to the grocery store isn’t enough excitement, how about using virtual reality to let residents feel like they’re traveling to a faraway land?

You might think VR and senior living are an odd pair, but the Rendever system is making it easy for communities to showcase their next-gen tech. The Rendever VR googles allow residents to experience virtual “worldwide” travel and live programming. Now imagine adding an immersive audio element with Eversound headsets; it might be hard to tell that you’re not on an actual trip!

Get Creative with Eversound

We’ve given you some ideas, but we’re sure you and your staff will think of additional uses for the Eversound system. Your creativity will go a long way in making your community engaging, accessible and inclusive for every resident. Plus, the word might spread about your community’s unconventional — but fun — use of purposeful technology. Remember to post your experience on social media and use the hashtag #evermoments. That only makes you more attractive to prospective residents.

Want to know the best part? Eversound is affordable and pays for itself. One net new rental will easily cover the $260/mo average cost for the basic Eversound package. It’s a “sound”investment that provides impact across your community.

Get in touch with the Eversound team today to learn more.