Many residents struggle with the transition from maintaining a home to living in a community. One of the hardest things for a resident is the lack of a job or purpose in their daily life. By giving residents a job, they have something to do, have ownership of programs, and get their voices heard. This is a great way to get disruptive and complaining residents to change their perspective or narrative. It also is a way to include residents who may otherwise not participate in community life.


If you have a resident who is always up early and looking for something to do, have them be the “paperboy.” They can take the daily newsletter, program calendar, or other vital information door-to-door and deliver it to the residents.

2.Game show host

Do you have a resident who gets annoyed by games or wants to take over programs? Let them! Let them lead bingo, trivia games, or other competitive games with a group.

3. Photographer/ bulletin board

If you have a bulletin board that needs to be updated monthly, let a resident do it! Let them take photos, decorate the board, and share important information how they see fit. If there are multiple residents interested in this, it can be a small committee. Bulletin Boards are an excellent idea for a resident who loves scrapbooking.

4.Resident ambassador

Do you have a friendly resident who wants to greet or say hi to everyone? Let them serve as a resident ambassador! They can greet new residents, welcome them to the community, and even participate in tours or sales. You could even have an election every quarter for who this resident should be, so everyone feels they get a say.


Every library could use some help. If you have a super organized resident, let them clean, organize, declutter, and keep up with the library. They can track who has checked out books, which are missing, and which subjects need more books!

6.Small group leader

Small groups are a great way to get residents involved. Let residents launch and lead their small groups on whichever subject they are most interested in. Read this post to learn more about them.

7.Store manager

Do you have a small community store? Let a resident lead it! If you don’t have one, it isn’t hard to set up. Let residents go to the dollar store or convenience store and stock up on snacks, drinks, playing cards, pharmacy items, and others. Set up times when the store is open and prices for specific items. The store will allow residents who can’t quickly leave the community a way to access things they want and need!

8.Party planning

Let your residents plan the parties! Give them the budget, let them choose the entertainment, the menu, and the decorations. While you will still have to oversee and be involved with this committee or job, it helps you cover many difficult and tedious tasks.


Have any tech-savvy residents that enjoy helping others? With the help of a few residents, you can help ensure that each Eversound headset is properly functioning and assist those needing help adjusting the volume or putting on the headset. This role can make a big difference in making sure that everyone can participate in the activity and enjoy it to the fullest.

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