Satellite Bingo

Pass out Eversound headphones and printed bingo sheets to participating residents within a 300-400 foot range. We recommend room-blocking up to 6-8 rooms at a time. To save time between sanitizing bingo chips each round, use dried beans as markers that can be disposed of. Announce the numbers to residents using the wireless microphone, and have residents slide “Bingo” cards out from under their doors when they have won or check-in between sets of numbers to see who has won.

Skype with a Loved One

Help residents Skype their loved ones during visitor restrictions. Set up Skype as normal on your phone, laptop, or tablet. Set up Eversound as normal too, pairing headphones with the transmitter. Plug one end of the aux cord into the front of your Eversound transmitter and the other end into the headphone jack of your phone, laptop, or tablet. The headphones will let residents clearly hear their loved ones while the built-in microphone on your laptop or tablet will pick up your voice for the family member to hear you. Here are some helpful print-outs and instructions for you and your residents.

Satellite Trivia

Pass out Eversound headphones and printed slips for residents to fill out their answers on. This can be done two ways. The first way is for individual residents to compete against each other or you can assign residents to teams. If you assign residents to teams, pre-populate the slips with the team names. Ask residents questions, and play music to signal the amount of time residents have to answer. Either have residents slip their answer sheets under the door or go around and collect each slip. Regularly announce the scores in between rounds to keep residents engaged. Here are over 50 questions and answers to get you started!

American Idol

Have some singers in house? If not, have some residents or staff who love to sing? Host an American Idol competition by asking residents to sing their favorite tunes (without the stage fright!). Ask residents which song or skit they would like to perform and print out an itinerary of entertainment for each “audience member” and a scorecard where residents can vote on their favorite performers. Remember Eversound plays music and voice simultaneously, making it perfect for sing alongs and karaoke!

To make this more fun residents use a fun wireless microphone with Eversound.

Piece of the Puzzle

Print out large outlines of a puzzle that can be put together like a quilt. This activity can be left in residents’ rooms to color as they see fit. Coloring is a proven stress reliever and can help reduce anxiety. You can use Eversound to play relaxing music during this craft, or any other art activities you may have. Once everyone has finished decorating their piece of the puzzle, put them all together and hang in a common area. You can even take a photo of the finished piece and share with residents during one-on-one visits.


This fun activity can be filled with laughter or awe as residents are challenged to create their own artwork, based only on the descriptors you give them. Give residents drawing tools and materials of their choice such as pencils, pens, markers, or crayons. Pull a random theme to inspire the drawing or poll residents and ask them what they might want to draw (think people, places, or things). Give residents 5 -7 clues over Eversound. After 30 minutes, collect all the drawings and see who gets the closest to the original picture. Hang them up so residents can see each drawing!

Need some more ideas? Check out 5 ways to play Bingo while physical distancing