Planning a senior activity calendar takes work. That is especially true when trying to appeal to many different interests and hobbies in your community.

A great activity professional seeks out the interests of residents to understand their likes and dislikes. Each resident’s feedback is considered and activities are planned around that feedback. That includes activities based on nationality, life experiences, hobbies, and even gender.

When planning activities for men, try to appeal to their common interests. Here are some engaging activity ideas for men!

For the sports fans.

It’s no secret that many men love sports. Simple sports related trivia games include Identify the Hall of Famer (using athletes from their time) and Name the Sports Equipment. Creating a version of baseball or croquet that’s easy to play is an option too.

Women are always invited, but if these activities don’t excite them, it’s ok to host an activity with men only.

Invite male volunteers and speakers.

Seek men in your area to lead a discussion with the men at your community. Many elderly men have served in the military and would enjoy a discussion with an active military man. Others might enjoy talks by those men that share their interests or former careers including businessmen, farmers, or firemen.

Put them to work.

Many men who live in senior living communities have spent the majority of their lives working as businessmen. Sometimes, retirement doesn’t offer the fulfillment the working world once did, so service-oriented activities might give them a sense of purpose again. You could host volunteer days or even give some of the men volunteer jobs around the community.

Play cards or see games.

Men often enjoy playing games that involve strategy. Host card nights and play games like rummy or poker.

If you’re able to take some residents off the property for an outing, take them to see a sports game. If professional teams don’t play in the area, consider taking residents to high school or little league games. Once a sports lover, always a sport lover. To some, it doesn’t even matter what they’re watching, as long as it’s sports!

Keep it casual.

Reinventing the wheel isn’t always necessary. Instead of a historic film or romantic comedy, host an action movie night for the guys. If you hold coffee talks at your community, offer some time for the men to gather on their own to discuss common interests.

Holding an event where participants feel more comfortable usually results in higher engagement and happier residents!