The Fourth of July is fast approaching! Here are some cool activity ideas for engagement professionals to make the day extra-special for their residents.

1. Talk about the history of independence

The Fourth of July has a fascinating story and is foundational to our nation’s history. Give residents a short presentation on what exactly happened in July of 1776 and why this holiday is celebrated today. has an informative article on the history of the day, which you can find here.

2. Create an American flag mosaic

This creative activity will help residents feel a shared sense of community and national pride. Have your residents each paint something special or important to them inside a cut-out star — and then use those stars to create a big American flag on a bulletin board!

This project will make everyone feel like their own, personal experiences are part of a communal history we all share.


3. Have a classic American barbecue

There’s nothing more American than a burger and fries! Have a classic American feast with your residents to truly get into the spirit of the day. You can even buy some small sparklers or fireworks — just make sure to light them in a safe area and have a fire extinguisher on hand!

Oh, and don’t forget the ketchup!

4. Paint vases with red, white, and blue

This activity is an opportunity create something that can be displayed all year-round and will last for decades! Find some inexpensive vases online and host an activity where you paint them with red, white, and blue designs.

For tips on painting on glass, check out this great post on

5. Host a gratefulness session

Independence Day is a time to be thankful — and to remember that we live in a beautiful country with incredible opportunities. Host an activity where your residents talk about what aspects of living in the United States makes them feel grateful.

You can also use this session as an opportunity to talk about how gratefulness can improve well-being and quality of life! Find more info on the science of gratitude at

Hope you have an amazing Fourth of July filled with family, friends, and great food!