Small groups are a great way to keep residents involved through connections and relationships with each other. These five groups are easy to set up and fun for everyone involved! Choose how often you want the group to meet, whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly, advertise the meeting, and invite residents to sign up! Once a small group is established, a staff member isn’t always necessary to run the meeting or event.

1. Book Club

Choose a book for residents to read, consider looking at the NYT bestseller list, and give residents plenty of time to read it! If you have a resident willing to lead the discussion, give them a list of questions, and let residents share their thoughts. Are you looking for questions to use in your discussion? Check out this list from Oprah Daily!

2. Film Critic Society

Similar to the book club, this is a discussion-based meeting. Once a month, choose a critically acclaimed movie, have residents watch the movie, and then discuss what they think of it! Search for movies that have been nominated for awards, been highlighted at film festivals, or topped the box office to make your selection!

If you are an Eversound user, the members portal has a monthly film suggestion, guided program, and discussion guide!

3. Poker Club

Do you have residents who love to play card games? Set up a poker club that meets weekly to play games such as blackjack, poker, texas hold ‘em, or any game their heart desires. Are you looking for a poker set to launch this club? Check out this one!

4. News Discussion Group

Do you have residents who are glued to the news? Do they pick up the paper every day, enjoy watching Cspan, and start frequent discussions about what is happening worldwide? Set up a discussion group for residents to talk about the latest news stories. This could be a daily program with a selected news article, a weekly program following a show, or a monthly program after a particular news segment.

5. Sports Club

This one is for the residents who love sports. This club could be seasonal, around specific sports, or a historical discussion group. They could make a fantasy football league, watch games together, or watch sports documentaries. The sports club is a great men’s group to have in your community for friendly competition, active fun, or relaxing evenings. Consider having residents compete in the sport they are watching! Host a softball game in conjunction with the World Series, a flag football game with the Superbowl, or allow them to place bets on the college football playoffs.

Which of these clubs are you most interested in starting with your community? Do you already have any of these? Once you set up your club, share photos on social media for everyone to see the fun your residents are having!