Memorial Day is a special day in the United States to honor and remember those who died while serving our country’s armed forces. It is a time dedicated for many to show their respect and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice given by military personnel to defend our country’s freedoms.

As the last Monday in May, it is also the unofficial start to summer and the time of year where temperatures begin to heat up. Be sure to take weather into consideration when deciding on activities and remind residents to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen if outside for extended periods of time.

Flag Raising

There is nothing more patriotic and symbolic of remembering those that gave their lives for our nation than the American flag. A great way to start Memorial Day is to host a flag-raising ceremony for residents. Be sure the flag is flown at half-staff until noon, then raised to the top of staff until sunset.

Moment of Silence

Gather residents together to participate in a “National Moment of Remembrance”. At 3:00 pm local time, come together to pause in an act of national unity for one minute. Consider planning a short tribute at this time, followed by the playing of the “Taps” bugle call.

Patriotic Cookout

Soak up some nice weather and host family and friends at the community for a red, white and blue cookout. Encourage residents to wear patriotic colors while enjoying hot dogs, watermelon, and ice cream. (Here are some other healthy patriotic desserts!)

Festive Crafts

Patriotic crafts are a fun activity for Memorial Day. All you need is a few simple craft materials to bring out the patriotism and creativity in residents. Craft ideas include painted pots to plant spring flowers, or try this Patriotic Star Wreath!

Visit a Soldier Cemetery

Did you know that Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day because it was a day for people to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers? If you’re looking for an activity to do outside of the community, organize a bus trip for residents to visit a local military landmark or soldier’s cemetery.

Looking for a patriotic playlist for Memorial Day? We’ve got you covered!