Gone are the days of the VCR, boom box, and even DVD player. As technology advances, people advance with it, incorporating new ways of doing even the simplest things in our daily lives.

While aging adults tend to be more comfortable with what they know, it’s important that they advance with the rest of the population. Utilizing today’s technology in senior living activities is a great way to enhance new forms of learning, and keep seniors mentally active and connected with their loved ones — especially the younger generation.

But here’s the thing, it’s not always about technology. We are evolving in the way we express ourselves creatively with new activities, hobbies, and stress relievers. And we’re quickly seeing that there’s much more to life than bingo and knitting for seniors!

There are endless benefits to seniors diversifying their activity regimen, but here are just a few we think are important!


  • Keeps seniors active and caught up with today’s newest advances
  • Creates new avenues to stay mentally active
  • Allows for new ways to socialize with friends and loved ones



Modern Activities

Let senior residents go gadget-crazy and embrace both the new frontier of technology and modern ways of expressing themselves creatively. Below are some easy ideas to incorporate into any senior living community activity calendar.

iPad Game Sessions

Offer sessions for seniors to use iPads for games…and just about anything else. iPads are a great way to enhance learning and keep seniors technologically savvy. They can learn a new language with Duolingo, challenge friends to Words with Friends, create playlists on Spotify, or pass the time playing Angry Birds.

Skype Time

Incorporate time for seniors to use Skype to connect with loved ones. It not only keeps residents in touch with people, it helps them navigate the digital world.

Facebook Class

Teach seniors how to create Facebook accounts and utilize the social media network to stay in touch with family members, meet new people, and stay on top of current events.

Adult Coloring

While adult coloring books have been around for a few years now, this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. The calming activity is known to have mental benefits like reducing anxiety, relieving stress. Plus, you get a beautiful work of art as a result.

Loom Weaving

Watch out knitting class, there’s a new yarn activity in town! Loom weaving is a wonderful new class activity or independent hobby, even though the art of weaving dates back to the Middle Ages. Residents can create a colorful masterpiece as a gift or create a large tapestry for their room.