Use Pre-filled Bingo Cards

One way to ensure residents can still play bingo is to give residents pre-filled numbers along with several blank bingo cards. These can be left with residents to be completed by a certain time. At that time, circle back and give out prizes to winners.

Another variation of this game is called “Call Light Bingo”. See how SKLD Care plays here!

Host Hallway Bingo

Best hosted in small blocks, this type of format allows residents to hear each other and helps keep the competition lively! This format most similarly reflects a normal group bingo game, with the host sitting in the center of the hallway block and pulling out numbers. We recommend keeping your set-up on a cart for ease of use between room blocks and to act as a small table. Using TV Dinner stands, set residents up near the edge of their doorway with a chair and bingo chips that can be disposed of or easily sanitized. See how Cascades of Bremerton plays here!

Play Bingo Roulette

This type of bingo is great for residents who are room bound. Give each resident multiple bingo cards. Then have residents choose their luck by pulling number cards from a set of bingo cards. Have them select up to 20 cards. We recommend using several bingo decks for this format. If there is no winner after the first 20 cards, have residents keep pulling until there is a winner. You can also shuffle the cards and deal each resident cards.

Telephone Bingo

Do your residents have access to a cell phone? If so, this bingo may be your community’s new favorite way to play! First, have residents who want to participate share their phone number. Be sure to check with your community for any rules around privacy and consent. Once you’ve collected every participant’s phone number, create a group chat. If your residents are conscious about texting charges, try a free app like Whatsapp or GroupMe. Next, pass out bingo cards to each participant. Call numbers as you normally would, but instead of yelling it out, share the number via text. Play until you find a winner!

Another variation that can be played is to use free conference call lines and have each resident dial in. Often, you van secure the same line and meeting code number to make execution easier. If so, print out copies of the number and meeting code and share with residents with a schedule of what time they can call in!

Host Live-Streamed Bingo

Do your residents use Facebook? If so, use Facebook Live to announce numbers to residents! Facebook Live is an easy feature that allows you to broadcast on your page for free. For a more private option, use Zoom or Google Hangouts. Both of these video conferencing platforms are free to use with restrictions. Residents can download either app to their smartphone or tablet to participate. While this may require a bit of work upfront to get residents set-up, it allows your team to minimize the number of disruptions in your routine by offering Bingo from the comfort of residents’ rooms! Best part? Through this feature, residents can talk and see one another. We recommend keeping it to smaller groups until you and your residents feel comfortable. This video shows the best ways to get started using Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facebook Live.

Looking for more activity ideas while physical distancing? See 10 Hallway Games for Physical Distancing That Aren’t Bingo.