January and February are typically slow months for everyone. Now that the holidays have whizzed by, we tend to take the following month or two to relax and regroup, stay indoors from the cold, and gear up for the warm months ahead. Popular activities include Netflix binging, learning new crock pot recipes, and basically hibernating.

That might be what most of us are doing, but the activities in senior living communities must go on. It’s important to offer seniors the chance to participate in engaging activities that are both physically and mentally stimulating no matter what time of year. And since the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang County, South Korea is upon us, there is plenty of inspiration for new activities in Olympic-themed games.

Here are a few games to get seniors in the Winter Games spirit:

Senior Team

Bean Bag Toss

Activity directors are always looking for fun, fresh ideas for physical activities. Incorporate one physical activity a week leading up to the Olympics that’s tied to the Winter Games. This could work with any team-related game. Set up teams by country and compete in a bean bag toss!

Torch Walk

Incorporate a torch walk into your routine outdoor walks. Set up signs along the way with facts about the Winter Olympics, Opening Ceremony, or South Korea. Encourage anyone who has traveled to Asia or the Olympics to speak about his/her experience.

Snowball Targets

Don’t skip over this idea yet! We’re referring to indoor snowballs — not the freezing snowballs outside. Set up buckets on the ground or hang different country flags from the ceiling to create a snowball target game. Hint: Snowballs can be purchased bulk on Target and Amazon.com.

Olympic Movies

Sports movies are always inspirational. So lift a senior’s spirits with different Olympic-themed movies. Maybe it’s Miracle about the U.S.A hockey team who won the gold medal in the 1980 Winter Olympics? Or Cutting Edge, the romantic comedy about a figure skater who is paired with a hockey player to compete in the 1992 Winter Olympics?

Olympic Trivia

This is a no-brainer. Most senior living communities have trivia nights. Each week, host an Olympic trivia night and keep score leading up to the Olympics. Trivia questions can be about notable Winter Olympics events, past and present athletes, country facts, and so on. The team that wins gets to host a Winter Olympics viewing party for the sporting event of their choice.