In previous posts, we have explored the new ways seniors are engaging digitally. The numbers are clear: a critical mass of seniors are now online. In this new environment, digital marketing should be a priority for your community to stay competitive. More specifically, social media platforms can be utilized to make significant impacts on your community’s enrollment. Here are some tips to make the most of your social media marketing campaigns.

1. Start with a strategy

Given the recent influx of platforms and users, social media marketing can seem daunting at the outset. Don’t fret! With a little bit of planning, you can craft a marketing plan that will take the guesswork out of what and where to post each month.

Just like with traditional marketing forms, you’ll want to take the time to really understand your target audience before launching into posting content. Putting in the work to research your ideal candidate can save you lots of time and money down the road. Does your community already have resident marketing avatars? Now you can add on a couple of data points regarding their digital habits to complete the picture.
As you begin posting, it’s important to check in periodically and adjust your strategy as necessary. Certain platforms, like Instagram, offer access to helpful analytics that help you gain a clear picture of how users are engaging with your marketing content. Some engagement factors to review include things like:

  • How many unique users saw this post?
  • How many people clicked on this post to find out more?
  • How many of these clicks translated to actual engagement with a community representative?

2. Engage Authentically

We know that choosing a senior living community can be a highly emotional experience. As a result, prospects and their families need to feel like they can trust your community from the beginning. That said, it is crucial that your senior living community engages authentically via your social media profiles. Be honest with folks! What does a day in the life of one of your residents look like? Consider highlighting a new resident each month to give a “behind-the-scenes” feel to your page.

You’ll want to balance a sense of spontaneity with themes (set colors, fonts, etc) to stand out while retaining a cohesive image. Additionally, you can utilize current social media trends and add your community’s own unique flair.

3. Consider Content Timing

As part of your social media marketing strategy, you’ll want to do some research to discern when your target audience is most likely to engage meaningfully with your community. As prospective residents may be retired, you won’t have to worry about posting during normal business hours. This time of day may work to your benefit as representatives are more likely to be available to answer questions quickly and convert leads.

Regarding the timing of posts, consider planning out a couple of weeks’ worth of posts at a time. This may sound impossible, but front-loading content creation can save you lots of time and quality of content down the road. Most social media marketing managers will tell you, a key to high ROI is consistent posting. In order to make the most of the platforms’ algorithms that decide who sees what, you’ll want to post at least a couple of times a week.

Another tip is to include clear calls-to-action (CTA’s) embedded in your content without coming across too sales-y. Ask yourself, “What is the ultimate goal of this post?”. Is it to get prospects to schedule a call or tour maybe? If so, make it clear and easy for prospects to do so from your post. At the end of the day, don’t overthink it! Sometimes people can get so stuck on picking the “perfect” thing to post that they don’t post at all. Rely on your community’s natural strengths and try to have some fun with it!

4. Use What You Already Have

When crafting social media marketing content, harness the value of existing residents! When making a decision as big as choosing a senior living community, many prospects and their families rely heavily on recommendations from friends and family. You can employ your social media strategy to engage current residents with content that is relevant to their experience in your community. By focusing on increasing their satisfaction, residents will be that much more likely to recommend your community to others.

On Instagram specifically, consider paying to promote certain posts to reach an audience that is already searching similar sites and posts. Further, include clear contact options, as well as recruiting “brand ambassadors” from your current residents who post videos and answer questions from prospective residents. When it comes to fostering trust in advertising, relying on existing networks is key. Moreover, statistics show that location is of utmost importance to prospective residents when choosing a senior living community. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to tag specific locations so that your content will reach the appropriate audience.

Another approach is to see whether your current vendors have any marketing materials that are ready to go. For example, Eversound offers communities onboarding marketing kits that allow our partners to easily advertise and showcase themselves as a community that prioritizes hearing health and social connedctedness.

5. Utilize Different Platforms

With the wealth of options in today’s social media world, there is truly a place for everyone. Different platforms attract different demographics of users, with varying interests and financial goals. You’ll want to take this into consideration deciding where to post what content.

For example, the growing numbers of digitally engaged Baby Boomers tend to gravitate to Facebook over other platforms. Therefore, it may make sense to concentrate your ad spending here. Facebook is well suited for various kinds of posts, including text, graphics, and videos. That said, it is still a good idea to diversify your community’s engagement across a couple of other platforms as well. You can link and cross-post content across sites like Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest.

one final takeaway

Remember your senior living community has various elements that make it stand out, whether that is the service your provide or the amenities you offer, there are residents looking for your community.