Eversound Champion: Sarah Moran of Bridges by Epoch

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Each month, we ask senior living community leaders to nominate a staff member who has an unyielding commitment and passion for improving the lives of their community residents each and every day.

This month, we reflect on the compassion and leadership skills of Sarah Moran. While Sarah is a new Bridges by Epoch team member, nominating her was a natural choice for Executive Director Jennifer Trout.

Sarah operates on two notions that everyone wants to be happy and we are all someone, whether it be a mother, brother, or friend. It’s these principles that make her residents feel comfortable, secure, and loved.

Read more below about our December Eversound Champion Sarah and her dedication to her practice of compassion, love, and patience.

About Sarah Moran

She’s only been a Bridges by Epoch since August 2018, but Sarah has extensive experience working in the senior living industry for over 10 years. As Activity Director and a certified dementia care practitioner, Sarah brings years of the problem solving, planning, and most of all caring to her new team.

Rooted with strong leadership values, Sarah has an innate understanding of her team members and their skills. She appreciates and hears each person, knowing the importance of what it takes to work together as a team. With her kind demeanor and patience, the Life Enrichment team has flourished.

For a peek inside Sarah’s daily work rituals, she starts every Resident Council meeting by asking everyone what makes them feel grateful. It has been a wonderful way to get to know the residents better by starting a meeting with positive stories.

If a resident is having a tough time, Sarah is quick to help. The time she spends with residents comes at the perfect time to reduce stress or discomfort. Her compassion is contagious, and the residents certainly feel it.

As with any great leader, Sarah does work hard. But she also believes in playing hard, too. Sarah incorporates Eversound headphones into activities as a way to boost the “fun!” They are used outdoors when residents are walking in the park or observing nature. And from time to time, she throws residents a “silent disco” with their favorite music — and they have a blast.

Sarah, Jennifer wants you to know: Your caring, organized, and creative nature has brought life back into the Life Enrichment program. Congrats on becoming our December Eversound Champion. Keep it up. Clearly, people love you!

If you know someone who would qualify as an Eversound Champion, please contact us.