Product photo of both Eversound transmitters, with microphone transmitter on the left and group transmitter on the right.

the brains of our system

Eversound offers three different package options for the wireless headphone systems. Each of these packages contains wireless headphones, a charging station, and at least one transmitter. The type of charging station and transmitter included varies by package. Depending on the selected package, a community will receive either a microphone transmitter, group transmitter, or both. 

The transmitter is arguably the most critical component of our wireless headphone systems. It’s the device responsible for inputting audio into the wireless headphones over long distances without the need for Wi-Fi or cellular service. One could say that the transmitters are the “brains” of the Eversound wireless headphone systems.

group transmitter

The group transmitter is aptly named, as it’s the perfect transmitter for large group events. It has dual audio inputs, meaning you can have voice input from a microphone, while simultaneously having audio input from a television, iPad, phone, or other device. So, it’s great to use when you have a larger group activity where you would like music or video to be playing while residents are being led through an activity by staff or a guest performer. This transmitter is included in both the activity and community packages.

microphone transmitter

The microphone transmitter, or mic transmitter, is perfect for small group activities or 1-on-1 interactions. It allows for a hands-free way to facilitate group conversations, where everyone’s voice can be heard while distracting background noise is drowned out by our noise-reducing headphones. You do not need to plug in a microphone to this transmitter, the transmitter itself acts as the microphone and picks up the voices in close proximity to the transmitter. It has the same dual audio input as the group transmitter, so you can simultaneously play audio from a device while the transmitter picks up the voice input.

Split image showing two uses of the Eversound mic transmitter. One showing the transmitter on table between two residents in conversation, and the other showing speaker wearing it around her neck while talking with small group.

The microphone transmitter is ideal in cases where you have small group conversation and don’t want to have to pass around a microphone to each person as they speak. If you have a couple of residents who enjoy chatting over a game of Rummikub, or sharing the latest gossip over their morning coffee, the microphone transmitter can be placed on the table in between them to allow for their back and forth conversation to be amplified by the headphones. It’s especially helpful when the residents are trying to converse in common areas while there are other activities going on, since the headphones will help reduce the noise of the surrounding distractions. The mic transmitter is also great for family visits. Rather than teaching residents’ family members how to use the microphones that are needed with the group transmitter, you can simply place the mic transmitter on the table in between the resident and their family to allow for a more natural feel during their conversation.

package options

Snapshot of the equipment included with our three different package options: connection, activity, and community.

The microphone transmitter is included in the connection and community packages. It’s also available as an a la carte product for those who do not have it included in their activity package, or those who would like to have additional microphone transmitters for use in simultaneous small group activities. If you choose to purchase as an add-on, you will be able to use it with headphones from your existing headphone set.

If your community is equipped with both the group transmitter and the microphone transmitter, then we can guarantee that you are best equipped to use your Eversound headphones in every activity! Our resident impact advisors can help you identify the best package option for your community. Contact us to schedule a quick 15-minute consult.

If you’re an existing customer interested in adding on a microphone transmitter to your package, reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager and let them know!