Facebook Groups are not new to the world of an Activity Director. These groups provide much-needed support from activity ideas, to vent sessions, to professional advice, and often just a good laugh. We’ve rounded up the top 10 facebook groups that we recommend to activity directors. Some of these Facebook Groups may look familiar to the seasoned activity professional, but we’ll bet you’ll be joining a few more by the end of this list. So, check out the list below!

1. Best for All-Things Activities:
**Activity Director Group**

Need some last-minute activities to fill your calendar? How about some advice on how to deal with a difficult co-worker? Or, how about a meme that just gets you? With over 11,000 activity professionals, this group, hosted by us, provides everything from free resources to activity ideas to professional advice. If you’re looking to keep your group count manageable, this group provides it all-in-one.

Join: **Activity Directors**

2. Best for Calendar Exchange:
Activity Directors Share Monthly Calendars and Bulletin Boards

Consisting of only monthly calendars and bulletin board inspiration, this group is perfect for activity professionals who need to fill their calendars quickly. If you’ve already got your calendar planned, pay it forward and share with the group. Members can also expect to see new ways to plan, decorate or share their calendars as an added bonus.

Join: Activity Directors Share Monthly Calendars and Bulletin Boards

3. Best for Memory-Care Activities:
Meaningful Activity Ideas for Seniors With Dementia

Created by the daughter of a father living with dementia, this group provides support to memory care and activity professionals alike with its growing repertoire of dementia-friendly activities. Not just limited to activity ideas and how-tos, posters often share concepts and ideas on how best to execute these to provide meaningful living to their residents. From book suggestions to the latest research, this group is a must join for anyone in senior living.

Join: Meaningful Activity Ideas for Seniors With Dementia

For a memory care group that is more activity-centric, join Alzheimer’s Activity Zone.

4. Best for Activity Ideas:
Activities For Seniors

As an activity professional, you know that you can never have too many activity ideas and this group proves it. Hosted by GoldenCarers.com, this group hosts hundreds of activity downloads as well as thousands of posts of activities in action. Couple this group with Activity/Recreation Directors Caring and Sharing and you’ll have activity ideas for the whole year.

Join: Activities For Seniors

5. Best for Affordable Craft Ideas:
Crafting On A Budget

With ideas from over 100,000 members, you won’t have time to schedule the same craft activity twice. This group focuses on repurposing items around the house, the dollar store or with existing materials like paint, to create beautiful, creative crafts. While not all ideas are suitable for every level of care, many can be easily modified to accommodate your residents, without breaking the bank.

Join: Crafting On A Budget

6. Best for Professional Advice:
Activity Directors/Assistants Share Tips, Tricks, Ideas!

When you need a peer to lean on, this group will be your shoulder to laugh (or cry on). With nearly 15,000 professionals, spanning all levels of care and experience levels, this group provides much needed advice and tips to activity professionals everywhere.

Join: Activity Directors/Assistants Share Tips, Tricks, Ideas!

7. Best for Industry Support:
NAAP Skilled Nursing Resources

Formed by the industry association, the National Association for Activity Professionals, this group supports activity and recreation professionals with free resources and industry news. It is one of the only Facebook Groups available from an activity association and is ideal for those looking to keep a pulse on what industry and professional trends are happening.

Join: NAAP Skilled Nursing Resources

8. Best for Pen Pal Exchange:
Adopt-Senior! Virtual Pen Pals for Seniors

Finding a pen pal for your residents or receiving birthday cards for your resident’s 100th birthday just got easier. This group helps connect volunteers,   senior living communities and fellow seniors together through letters and cards. Just post your request, whether your community is looking for cards or pen pals, and just wait for the mail to arrive.

Join: Adopt-Senior! Virtual Pen Pals for Seniors

9. Best for Holiday & Seasonal Activities:
Activity Directors – Plan for Holidays and Special Days of the Year

Find inspiration for seasonal holidays and national days with creative ideas that will delight residents. Fill in that empty Wednesday afternoon with a donut toss for National Donut Day or DIY snow globes for the holiday season with creative ideas from your activity professional peers. With over 9,000 members to share and collaborate with everyday will feel like a holiday.

Join: Activity Directors – Plan for Holidays and Special Days of the Year

10. Best for Local Finds:
Check Out Local Groups

Don’t forget there are countless local Facebook groups that could greatly benefit you and your residents. Check out neighborhood volunteer groups, local garage sale groups and community outreach groups for donations and volunteers. Sometimes you can even find free items through Facebook’s Marketplace that your community can use. 

For more support, check out Eversound’s resource center for free activity ideas, continuing education courses, industry news and more.