So you’ve scheduled a tour of your senior living community with a potential new resident, and their caregiver. The prospect has done their research, compared options, and your community has made it to the final test: a guided walkthrough to experience the community with their own eyes. Will you be able to create senior living conversions?

Regardless of whether these tours come in-person, or virtually through Zoom or FaceTime, a prospect tour is a community or sales director’s chance to truly differentiate their living community from competitors. Sales and community directors don’t have it easy: the average senior living lead costs a gaudy $431, and only about 30% of these leads convert, according to McKnights Senior Living. Making the most of a tour increases the likelihood that a resident will choose your community.

Rather than telling them through the phone, you have the opportunity to show your future resident what it will be like to live in your community. Every sales person wants to paint a picture (or tell the story) of their community, allowing the prospect to envision themselves within it. Helping your future resident find the right match will ensure they stay happy and healthy for a long time, reducing churn for your community.

How can you convey what separates your community from the rest? We’ve mapped out three succinct lines that will help the community and sales directors on their next prospect tour:

We’ve completely changed the way we do tours to adjust to masking and social distancing. Let me show you…

COVID or not, virtual tours will likely remain a convenient option for prospects who are busy, have limited mobility or are moving to your community from a far distance. However, there’s no replacement for the in-person tour experience. Community directors should make sure they’re cultivating a safe, comfortable, and informative experience for prospective residents and their caregivers.

Some prospects might be concerned about the safety of an in-person visit. Put their mind at ease by maintaining your distance, wearing a mask, and monitoring your groups’ comfort level.

Masks and distancing are great for safety, but they can sometimes make it difficult for prospective residents to hear. An advanced listening system like Eversound, can help ensure that prospective residents stay plugged in to all the important details you’re relaying during the tour by enabling them to hear what is being shared through a simple-to-use wireless headphone system.

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Our community embraces technology to add fun and ease to our day-to-day routines. Here are a few examples…

Most communities will say they embrace technology. On tour, community and sales directors should directly show the technology they’re incorporating within their facility. No matter how small or simple it may feel, allowing prospective residents and caregivers to actually see technology within the context of your community is crucial.

Exhibit how your residents can use a tablet or laptop for a telehealth visit. Show a caretaker how the updates on your Facebook page keep family and friends updated on the community. If you have an Eversound system, schedule your tour for a time when residents are enjoying a popular activity with the listening system, which connects up to 120 wireless headphones at distances up to 300 feet.

Small details often stick in our mind, and if a caregiver can remember seeing you purposefully using technology during your tour, they’re likely to remember.

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We believe in a culture of inclusion and accessibility. Here’s how we accommodate every resident’s needs…

Inclusion and accessibility are often the two biggest keys to a mutually beneficial community-resident relationship. Your focus should be on making prospective residents feel that they’ll be able to engage in, and belong to, a community and your senior living conversions will also thank you.

Community and sales directors should take the time to connect with their teammates (activity directors, nursing directors, etc) to understand how their community is helping residents stay happy, healthy, and engaged. Showcasing alignment and unity between departments is a great start, and also makes salespeople more knowledgeable about their community.

Eversound is specifically designed to help engage residents who are experiencing diagnosed or undiagnosed hearing loss. Our wireless group listening systems, built for use in senior living communities, enhance seniors’ ability to hear and focus. Eversound’s technology allows for increased engagement in one-on-one interactions, and enables safe, socially-distanced group programs with clear communications. It also operates without WIFI or cellular connections.

Eversound pays for itself – and pays dividends for your senior living community

Our services are a sales director’s best friend, providing a perfect use case for how your community embraces technology and accessibility. What’s even better, one month’s rent from a net new rental (that you get by differentiating your community) will pay for an entire year of the Eversound membership.

Get in touch to learn how Eversound can help you increase engagement in your community, and provide a valuable tool for prospect tours.