Memory care professionals are facing a unique challenge. There’s never been more demand for memory care. Seven million Americans aged 65 or older had dementia in 2020, and that number could rise to nine million by 2030, according to data from the Population Reference Bureau. Memory care communities – and memory care professionals in senior living communities – are in need of solutions like reminiscence therapy that help them maximize the potential of their care programs.

One area for communities to target: hearing loss. Hearing loss and dementia are inherently linked. A study from the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that hearing loss leads to a:

  • 5x increased risk of dementia
  • 3x increased risk of falls
  • 2x increased risk of depression

The data tells the story: addressing hearing loss should be an essential pillar of every memory care program. Eversound, the advanced listening system designed for senior living communities, helps memory care professionals inject purposeful technology into their daily routines. Our technology can easily be integrated into reminiscence therapy treatments, and serves as a differentiator for your community.

Eversound is an easy-to-use and budget-friendly solution to improve your residents’ memory care experience – and equip staff with the tools they need to succeed. Let’s examine how memory care and senior living communities can incorporate Eversound – and check out a couple examples of communities that have already put Eversound into action:

Reminiscence therapy with Eversound

Reminiscence therapy, commonly used in memory care, involves using the senses to help individuals with dementia better recall memories and people from the past. Two common types of reminiscence therapy are visual (photos, pictures, videos) and aural (music and other audio). Both make for great fits with Eversound.

At least one in three seniors over 65 experience hearing loss, and nearly half of those over 75 do, as well. Especially during audio/visual reminiscence therapy, residents will benefit from technology that helps them hear and interact with your curated content.

Eversound helps ensure that your therapy makes a maximum impact, whether in group therapy settings or one-on-one with a resident. The system uses three components that together improve connection for residents during therapy:


Our wireless headphones enhance your resident’s ability to hear and focus on your reminiscence therapy. The Eversound system product connects up to 120 wireless headphones at distances up to 300 feet. Residents can easily control volume on their own.


Your staff can broadcast audio and voice for group therapy activities, or utilize the two-way communication features for one-on-one reminiscence therapy sessions. Residents can listen, talk and hear music/audio participate in therapy activities while sitting outside, in their own rooms, or in common spaces. Staff can continue conversation with residents who prefer to move around or be active during activities or therapy sessions.

Members Portal

Communities that use Eversound will also gain access to our online members portal, which contains 100s of programs and activity ideas. Our constantly-growing library of content includes grab-and-go-activities, interactive programs, on-demand videos, music playlists, and more. Many of these activities are designed for use with dementia and memory care – including videos and music playlists to enhance reminiscence therapy sessions., making it easier to plan activities.

Memory-care specific programming is tagged as “Rrekindle” programming, a more subtle way to identify its utility in reminiscence therapy. Residents won’t feel offended or uncomfortable, as the activities aren’t directly flagged as “dementia” or “memory care” related on the members’ portal screen.

The “Popular Right Now” tab in the featured monthly activities section will highlight the most used memory care-specific activities each month.

Eversound in action: Silverado Memory Care & Front Porch

Communities nationwide are using Eversound as part of their memory care strategy. We’ll highlight two outstanding examples:

Silverado Memory Care increases engagement, focus and socialization

Silverado Memory Care is a national leader in senior care and dementia with 36 memory care communities across the U.S. Eversound and Silverado started a collaborative partnership, with the goal of improving resident engagement through technology.

A trial began with Silverado using Eversound in a small number of their communities. The memory care communities incorporated the listening systems into activities such as yoga, exercise, music, dance, games, and audiobook readings. They also used Eversound in one-on-one therapy sessions.

Silverado found that Eversound improved resident’s ability to hear, calmed residents with cognitive and sensory impairment, and increased focus, participation, and socialization. Within two months of the launch, Silverado began incorporating Eversound in all 36 of their communities.

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Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing (FPCIW) improves memory care mood and behavior

Front Porch launched a 12-month exploratory program, “Hearables for All” that included 730 residents in 12 independent living, assisted living, and memory care neighborhood communities. These residents were all over the age of 61 and experienced various degrees of hearing loss.

Communities deployed Eversound for activities like bingo games, bus tours, town hall meetings and movie nights. Some communities paired Eversound with iN2L, an interactive touch-screen engagement system for seniors.

The year-long study showed Eversound’s effectiveness in boosting morale, engagement, and overall well-being. Memory care staff reported a 64% observed mood/behavior improvement with the use of Eversound, and 75% of residents said they would use the Eversound system at future events.

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Incorporate Eversound into your community’s memory care program

Could your community benefit from purposeful technology like Eversound? Are you looking for similar results to Silverado and Front Porch?

Eversound is the affordable, effective listening system for your memory care community. On average, one month’s rent from a net new rental pays for an entire year of an Eversound membership – which includes access to our Members Portal filled with activity content.

Front Porch Center case studyReach out to our team to see how Eversound can unlock the potential of your memory care staff.