First impressions matter. In an increasingly competitive market, senior living communities have to convince prospective residents that their healthcare, amenities, and other services exceed those of the community next door, and of their own home.

One way senior living communities can cut through the noise is by providing and using a solution that does just that–provides the power of sound, reduces distractions and enables independence from the moment they walk-in to your community. Eversound is senior living’s preferred hearing solution, as well as residents. Here are three ways that Marketing Directors can harness Eversound’s advanced technology for more move-ins as well as happier residents and satisfied families. 


1. Use on Resident Tours

Hearing is believing with Eversound, so what better way to immediately differentiate your community than by providing an amenity prospects can use, before they are even a resident. Prospects using Eversound remain fully engaged in the tour, and are able to participate in decisions regarding their care, resulting in greater independence before they even buy.

Our communities recommend using our wireless listening systems with prospects and their families to reduce any stigma a resident may feel. This provides an opportunity to familiarize families with how Eversound works and can be used on future visits with their loved ones.

“Talk about an ‘A-HA!’ moment with Eversound! We recently had a tour where the Marketing Director had to use raised voices to communicate. Quickly, another team member grabbed our Eversound headphone system for the touring prospect to use. It immediately changed the vibe and trajectory of the tour! Definitely contributed to getting a deposit.” Kristen Barnes, Director of Activities, Oakmont Senior Living

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2. Use to Showcase Your Community’s Unique Programs

Our marketing and sales professionals recommend working with your life enrichment teams to coordinate tours during their most attended activities to showcase the engaging activities offered by your community. 

This is also a great opportunity to showcase Eversound in-use during a group activity that current residents are participating in. It’s a great way for prospects to see their peers using the system, as well as to see how engaged current residents are in these activities through the power of sound. 

We also encourage activity teams to have one or two headsets available so prospective residents can join in on the activity during the tour. Our wireless listening systems are highly customizable, including the volume level and fit, and can be used in conjunction with hearing aids. 

“Eversound is such an amazing tool and can truly change lives. We just had another tour with a future resident whose hearing aids were broken and Eversound helped to get to yes to move-in. He is also excited about using the headphones during activities”-Kacey Reid, Director of Programs, The Sheridan at Eastside, Senior Lifestyles

Beyond Eversound’s wireless listening systems, each membership includes access to the Eversound Member’s Portal that features hundreds of elevated programs. Eversound’s activities and programs are designed for all levels of care, include multimedia elements and are created in conjunction with subject matter experts to ensure seniors remain intellectually stimulated and continue to live with purpose. 

In addition to giving a tour during an engaging activity, many of our communities like to highlight the programs on the Eversound member’s portal that are most loved by their residents. Access to the members portal is included with the Eversound membership in each of our packages.


3. Use During Family Visits

Often a family member is equally as aware of their loved ones hearing limitations as the individual experiencing it. This makes communication difficult or non-existent leading to frustration, a decline in health and in many cases, depression. Even if the individual is aware, access to hearing solutions can be challenging due to high costs. By becoming an Eversound community, you are shifting the financial burden of hearing impairment from individuals and re-establish connections between residents and their families and friends. 

Eversound puts us on the cutting edge … For the families to know we have Eversound, that is reassuring to them that we are trying to be ahead of their needs.”Renée Berard, Community Sales Director, Brightview Senior Living

Not only does this help your community standout, but it also helps maintain high levels of satisfaction among residents and their families. Our marketing and sales professionals recommend keeping a handful of Connection packages available for families to use when they visit their loved ones. Our Connection package is ideal for one-on-one conversations and small group discussions when combined with our omni-directional microphone-transmitter which allows the whole family to join in.

“Eversound sold my tour today. The family was looking for their mother who is totally disengaged due to her hearing impairment, and they feel her dementia symptoms have increased due to this as well. I showed them Eversound and they were so excited to try it with her.” -Shari Flight, Senior Advios, Bridges by EPOCH at Hingham

By providing access to hearing solutions, your community not only stands out to prospects and their families, but also can save your community thousands of dollars annually by increasing a residents’ length of stay. Untreated impairment is taxing to communities, with nearly 65% of residents suffering every day and leading to poorer outcomes in health, cognition, independence and purpose.

To see exactly how much untreated impairment is costing you, take our 2-minute assessment.