Senior living has so much potential to play a significant role in healthcare. With a community’s ability to manage a patient population and streamline communication across care teams, senior living facilities are set up to deliver chronic care management efficiently and other health services.

We’ve shown how an engagement platform for senior residents, like Eversound, is a token benefit for sales and marketing directors. Now it’s time to highlight the Eversound system as a health service amenity that simplifies the job for care team members and is the difference maker for prospective residents.

Benefits for the Clinical Director

At a 100 resident community, the Clinical Director has a staff of 50-60 employees, primarily the med techs and certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and caregivers. Clinical directors are responsible for developing and executing best of breed strategies for resident care and optimal clinical service delivery on a day-to-day basis. They manage the interface between cross-functional care teams and provide support for providers as the main point person to assist with technology and communication. This can become challenging when residents can’t fully hear or engage in their in-person or virtual care visits.

For clinical teams, the Eversound listening system makes their job easier by empowering residents to better communicate and understand their care plans and needs. Not only can Eversound help to improve communication between clinical teams and residents, but it can also serve as a part of a comprehensive treatment strategy to improve resident’s overall wellbeing.

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Benefits of using Eversound for the health services staff:

  • Have better, more engaging conversation with clearer communication and understanding from the residents
  • Helpful in facilitating telehealth appointments since they are usually the one sitting with the resident during those times
  • Allows residents to be fully engaged in their health care so the staff doesn’t have to translate or repeat, making the appointments more impactful and less prone to interruption

What communities are saying:

“Even our Health care professionals are loving Eversound. No more loudly speaking to their clients.” – Magnolia Place Fields Senior Living

“The visits are going fantastic! We use it for virtual doctors appointments, hallway bingo, virtual church services, and overall it has been so amazing for our residents! We also use the Eversound devices to communicate with residents to help fill out their weekly menus. It has been such a great game changer for us!” – Melodie Misakione, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Cascade Senior Living, West Covina

Happier Residents and Satisfied Families

Aging seniors move into senior living communities in large part for an improved lifestyle of socialization, movement, and safety. Yet, family members often make the decision to move their loved one into a senior living community because of a change in health status, with chronic care management being the number one reason for seeking out long term care. As people age,
these chronic health conditions multiply and it is common to see residents have between four and eight conditions.

Using the Eversound system for health service needs offers a level of convenience for the resident, but also for the family members who expect to reduce the time they spend coordinating their senior’s health care needs. That’s why effective access to care for seniors is so important since they are best managed via consistent visits with a primary care physician.

Furthermore, when family members join the telehealth Zoom calls and see their loved one participating more with the Eversound listening system, it boosts confidence that the care team is taking a holistic approach to providing care. Health care and wellness services that are fully integrated into the living community provide an extra layer of reassurance, convenience, and satisfaction among residents and their families.

How Eversound is a Desired Amenity for Community Health Services

Hearing loss is the third most common chronic health condition after arthritis and heart disease in older adults and the fourth most detrimental condition related to quality of life in older adults.
Eversound helps address hearing loss by giving personalization to residents’ listening experience in every setting. Better hearing helps mitigate the negative effects of hearing loss, especially during their health care needs including confusion, anxiety, frustration and misunderstanding around the communication with care team members and outside providers.

Eversound is a valuable communication tool that enables residents to engage directly with staff and caregivers. The Eversound transmitter, headphones and microphone are easy to set up and deliver optimal care and therapeutic impact. The volume can be adjusted to the residents’ liking and appropriate hearing level so both resident and care team members are communicating at comfortable levels.

Removing communication barriers allows all members of the community to create a healthy environment that supports quality care and deepens the connections between staff, residents and caregivers simply with clearer communication. Once those barriers are removed, communities find that using Eversound helps residents be active participants during their visits, both in-house and through telehealth appointments.

Promoting the ease of care delivery

Just like how the Eversound system makes tours more fulfilling and productive, it is also a valuable asset for individualized care planning and delivery. It makes it easy for residents to be active participants in their care by fostering a healthy social environment between staff, residents and caregivers.

Some communities offer physical therapy, rehab, telehealth or transportation to appointments, but showcasing Eversound as an added health service amenity will make your community stand out on tours, convert more prospects, and increase length of stay. Communities must show their commitment to keeping health care costs down by helping residents thrive. Better access to health care through effective engagement and communication technologies can help achieve that goal.

To see how Eversound can add value to your community’s health services, get in touch today!