Eversound Champion: Sarah Pedretti of Bluffview Memory Care

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Each month, we ask senior living community leaders to nominate a staff member who has an unyielding commitment and passion for improving the lives of their community residents each and every day.

This month, we are recognizing Sarah Pedretti from Bluffview Memory Care in Holmen, WI. Read why Ana Hines, Executive Director, thinks Sarah is the perfect fit for this award:

Can you tell us about of their background? How did she get involved in senior living? How long has she been at your community?

Sarah has been with Bluffview Memory Care for over five years. While going to school for Recreational Therapy, she continued to expand on her experience working with the elderly. While initially starting as the Life Enrichment Assistant, Sarah personality allowed her to quickly excel as the Life Enrichment Coordinator.

What qualities does she possess that make her exceptional at what she does?

Sarah is a kind-hearted, patient individual who cares deeply about those around her. Sarah’s passion to enrich the lives of those whom she serves make her exceptional in her career. Sarah’s ability to listen, support, and appreciate those around her, make her a perfect person for the position!

What little things does she do each day that often goes unnoticed but makes an immeasurable difference on the lives of residents?

Sarah has a special relationship with every resident. The bond that she has with our residents give them more meaning through day to day interactions.

A story/memory that highlights a moment where she went above and beyond to help her residents.

In 2018, we were informed that one of our resident’s daughter’s was suffering from kidney failure. The family was struggling to find a donor that was a match. Without hesitation, Sarah offered to go through testing to see if she would be a match. Although they were not a “perfect” match, this did allow for the resident’s daughter to be a part of a group of people in the kidney transplant. On May 24th, 2018, Sarah gave the gift of life by donating one of her kidneys. All transplants were a success. Both Sarah and the resident’s daughter are continuing to thrive.

Describe her forward-thinking approach to improve engagement at their community. For example, how does using a system like Eversound improve the way she is able to do her job?

When we were first introduced with Eversound, Sarah became thought of endless opportunities to engage our population. Working in a Memory Care facility, our residents struggle to keep their attention on one subject or event. With the headphones, we have noticed improvement in resident involvement in activities as well as changes in their behaviors for the best. Sarah’s patience and willingness to think outside the box has lead us to new opportunities for our residents.

How would you describe her in one sentence?

Sarah is a selfless individual who seeks to find the best in everyone.


Sarah was kind enough to share her experience with Eversound and tips for other Programming Professionals!

On average, how often do you use Eversound in your community programs?

Multiple times per day

What are your top 3 programs with Eversound? These can be programs you most consistently use Eversound at or just your favorite programs with Eversound!

Musical Entertainment, Educational Programs, and Discussion Programs

What would your advice be to a friend or colleague just starting to use Eversound?

Don’t be afraid to try the Eversound on residents who may not have a hearing issue! Eversound works wonders with residents who have dementia and find it difficult to concentrate or get easily distracted.

What’s your most memorable/”breakthrough” moment with Eversound?

The very first week that we used Eversound, we placed the headphones on a resident who would come to every activity but was not very active in participation due to having trouble hearing and not being about to follow the discussion. With the Eversound headphones, this resident answered every question and gave input into each discussion. He was seen smiling throughout and even laughing with the group! His joy of participation warmed our hearts so much that we couldn’t say, “no” to Eversound!

What are your best “Quick Set Up” tips to use Eversound at programs quickly and efficiently?

For quick set up, I love to turn on the transmitter, grab multiple headphones, and turn the dials so that the headphones can pair right away. This way, I don’t have to wait for each headphone to pair individually as I try to adjust the volume.

Anything else you want to share?

Eversound has truly improved our interaction with our residents and has greatly improved their quality of life. Thank you Eversound!!

If you know someone who would qualify as an Eversound Champion, please contact us.