Are you struggling with keeping your residents with dementia engaged and involved in your programming? This is an all too common issue, but luckily, we have a solution for you! The Eversound listening system is fantastic for people with dementia as it helps them remove distractions and guide their attention to their activity. While Eversound can be used with every program you can imagine, here are 7 of our favorite ways to use the system in your dementia care programming.

1. Redirection

If you have a resident who is overwhelmed or easily distracted by outside sounds and other programs, use Eversound to redirect their attention and help them focus. Magnolia Court, Fields Senior Living loves using Eversound for fire drills. These usually chaotic events were more accessible by passing out headphones to the residents to easily hear instructions and the activity director’s voice during the training.

“I was able to speak calmly through the microphone to help with redirecting and bringing about a sense of comfort. Thank you, Eversound, for the impact that you have had in our community thus far!”- Tyra Lewis of Magnolia Court, Fields Senior Living

2. Sundowning

Sundowning can be a challenging and upsetting situation for all in memory care, but especially the resident. To combat this, try setting the residents up with headphones to hear their favorite music and remain calm. Try this if you have a shift change in the late afternoon/ evening to keep residents happy and occupied as the staff is changing.

3. Dual Programming

Eversound is a great way to have multiple programs going in the same room. Turn the two groups to face opposite directions and focus on two different programs. Perhaps one is watching a documentary while the other is doing a craft. Or maybe, one group is doing exercise while another is working on word games and puzzles. Smaller groups allow for more effortless staff involvement and connection with the residents. Do you have a tremendous dual program you love to do? Let us know at

4. 1 on 1

One on One programs are vital to a resident’s enrichment and enjoyment. Give the resident a pair of headphones and set yourself up with a microphone to make whatever you are working on together easier! Need ideas for one on one programs? Consider taking a walk and talking about the beauty of the nature you see, give the resident a manicure, read a short story together, or work on a puzzle!

5. Sensory Room

If you have space, you can set up a whole room dedicated to a sensory experience. In this room, provide something that stimulates each sense. Set up the room with nontoxic essential oils, low lighting, and something stimulating for the residents to hold or feel. Play nice calming music, such as the ARKAI sonic meditation, in our members portal.

6. Virtual Encounters

Residents can experience exciting and new places from the comfort of the facility! Use a program such as Google Earth or Rick Steves to explore exciting and new places and then take a deeper dive with your residents by discussing the place you visited!

7. Exercise

Using Eversound for Exercise is especially great for residents in memory care because it blocks out external sounds! Set up your residents with one of the many great exercise videos you can find on the Eversound Members Portal. Eversound is working with Joyce Shaw, a physical therapist, personal trainer, and professor who creates and designs programs for your resident’s fitness needs!

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