Eversound Champion: Donna Porchi of Kensington Place

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  • Donna Porchi of Kensington Place

Each month, we ask senior living community leaders to nominate a staff member who has an unyielding commitment and passion for improving the lives of their community residents each and every day.

When we got submissions for the month of November, we were intrigued when Denice Tomlinson, Director of Memory Care at The Kensington in White Plains, New York was asked to describe her team member in one sentence: “Donna Porchi is a gem and she is priceless.”

How can you not want to learn more about someone who is considered priceless? So, we started digging. Read more below about our November Eversound Champion Donna Porchi and her commitment to love and care for her residents as if they were her own family.

About Donna Porchi

Donna started working with seniors in 1999 providing care for seniors in a nursing home setting. In 2012, Donna made the shift to senior living when she became the Activities Coordinator for Memory Care at the Kensington Place.

Donna’s love for seniors is evident in everything she does. She knows each and every one of her 52 memory care residents, what makes them happy or sad, and encourages team members to bring out a resident’s greatest characteristics and strengths. Donna has a passion for excellence and expects that from the activities assistants that she supervises.

Donna creates unique and meaningful activities that connect seniors with others and help the residents feel value. Take a look at the creative ways Donna has brought her residents’ greatest achievements to life:

  • With other professionals, Donna arranged for a former veteran resident to perform a written play about his life on the 4th of July.
  • Another resident read her poetry about her life to a group of seniors on Heritage Day.
  • Donna helped a resident, who was once a world traveler, create a travel slide show to teach others about wonderful places she had been.

Donna is open to new technologies that enhance the lives of her residents she loves so dearly, and recently brought Eversound to the Kensington Memory Care community. She launched the program with residents who have moderate dementia and quickly witnessed the benefits of increased engagement during activities.

With the success she saw, she then introduced Eversound to residents with severe dementia. She was astonished to see how they were also engaged. As a result, Donna holds a Silent Dance Party with Eversound headphones where residents sing songs together but the activity is silent to the outside observer. Residents who don’t usually respond start to cry when they hear their favorite Sinatra song being played.

Donna, you have a special ability to bring out the best in everyone and it’s evident through your work. Congrats on becoming our November Eversound Champion, and thanks for being you.

If you know someone who would qualify as an Eversound Champion, please contact us.