Online Learning Platform, Eversound Learn, Launches

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Eversound is excited to announce the launch of Eversound Learn, an online training and education platform available to communities and their teams. The platform allows communities and teams to improve their knowledge of Eversound and the senior living space, free of charge. Courses and certifications can be found here.

What is Eversound Learn?

Eversound Learn is an education portal with online courses, certifications and exclusive membership resources. Our platform provides comprehensive online training in product use and industry knowledge, available to you and your community at your convenience.
Participants who complete courses or certifications will be rewarded with badges and certificates of completion that will demonstrate their expertise. Furthermore, badges and certifications can be displayed on business networking platforms such as LinkedIn.
Eversound Learn will evolve to include advanced training as well as industry certifications that exemplify mastery in areas including hearing loss and social isolation.

Who Is Eversound Learn for?

Eversound Learn is for individuals and communities who would like to learn a new skill or improve on an existing one. Participants can include new staff members, volunteers, sales and marketing teams, caregiving teams, and more. While each course will be different, we recommend that all members of a community that are using Eversound or speaking to Eversound’s functionality take the Eversound Product Training Course.

What benefits does Eversound Learn provide?

Eversound Learn offers exclusive members only content that teaches in demand skills, product features and industry knowledge. Resources include marketing materials for your community, how-to guides, posters and additional collateral for your community.

Members will also be the first to know of new content and courses, live trainings and community materials.

How do I get started?

Our first course, Eversound Product Training, is available for registration. The course takes less than 30 minutes to complete and upon completion, participants will receive an Eversound Product Training Badge to commensurate their accomplishment. We recommend asking staff members who will be using Eversound frequently to complete the training if they have not already done so, however this course is completely optional.

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