Activity Ideas 

Activity Connection

If you’re an activities professional, odds are you’ve already heard of Activity Connection. Their online database is filled with tons of great resources which enable senior communities to create more engaging activities for residents. In addition to hosting a plethora of activity guides, monthly event planning tools, and downloadable materials, Activity Connection also maintains a vibrant forum where activities professionals can share ideas and collaborate with others in their field.

Cost: $174.95 per year


Golden Carers

Golden Carers offers 1000 of meaningful activities for residents in a variety of formats. The site also offers resources that help activity professionals do their job more easily including customizable templates and planned calendars. A forum for activity professionals to collaborate is also available. 

Cost: $49.99 per year


The Purple Primer

The Purple Primer groups themed activities together for seamless programming that allows for lifelong learning. Each themed program includes different elements including culinary, historical, arts and crafts and more. WIth regularly updated themes, the Purple Primer also includes a print-and-go for easy planning in each bundle. 

Cost: $165 per year


Creative Forecasting

As you may know, Creative Forecasting is a mainstay for activities professionals. They offer a monthly print magazine subscription for $60/year which includes great resources for activities professionals as well as access to exclusive online content via their website. They also offer a software program called “Activity Planning Simplified” which enables activities professionals to create activity calendars, log participation reports, save and lookup resident interests, and print full size calendars for posting around your community. 

Cost: $60 per year


Not Just Bingo

Not Just Bingo is an extensive online resource which features activity calendars, activity ideas, and printable materials to help activities professionals create more engaging events. You can either use Not Just Bingo’s free “General Activity Calendars” or purchase a monthly subscription to access their “Specialized Activity Calendars.” These specialized calendars include resources specifically for dementia residents and male residents, as well as calendars with weekly themes such as “Cinco de Mayo.”

Cost: Free or $19 per month for premium content


Facebook Groups

**Activity Directors**

While this group touts membership for directors, this group is for all activity professionals at all levels. With nearly 8,000 members this Facebook group is a place where professionals can share ideas, support one and other and find answers to all their questions. Whether that is looking for the latest resources or how to ask for a budget increase, this group is bubbling with activity. 

Join **Activity Directors** Group


Activity Directors Calendar Exchange

This Facebook Group focuses on calendar exchanges with an active base of users. With extensive calendar inspiration, this group is ideal for activity professionals who are looking to spice up their calendars or get the hang of planning. This group relies on members to share calendars, so as a member please be sure to contribute! 

Join Activity Directors Calendar Exchange


Activities for Seniors

With nearly 10,000 members, this group offers support to Activity professionals in all levels of care. Members are encouraged to seek and give support, advice and share their experiences with one and other. This group is great for peer-to-peer communication. 

Join Activities for Seniors


Dollar Tree: Crafting on a Budget

This Facebook group is great for the budget-conscience activity professional who wants to up their arts and crafts. Often you’ll not only find inspiration for your programming, but also for yourself! This group is a great resource for filling up your activity calendar with creative and easy projects.

Join Dollar Tree: Crafting on Budget



Memory Care Matters 

Memory Care Matters focuses on meaningful ways to engage residents living with dementia or cognitive decline. This blog offers activity ideas, advice and resources for caregivers, as well as a selection of memory care products. 


Brownie Locks

Brownie Locks is a quirky blog that offers a variety of content, from historical facts to a plethora of trivia. Each category offers a quick overview of a historical or fun day that can easily be adapted into a program. This site also offers printable calendars and fun activities that are not just seasonally based. 


Nursing Home Activity Ideas 

As name implies, Nursing Home Activity Ideas is a blog for those working in assisted living and skilled nursing. This blog has plenty of activity ideas to keep you inspired. With categories including exercise, dementia-friendly and seasonal, finding last minute activities to fill your calendar couldn’t be easier. Also, many activities can be adapted to suit other levels of care. 


Live Programming

Live Living Network

Bring the world to your residents with interactive programming from Live Living Network (LLN). LLN works with hundreds of destinations and moderators around the globe to bring live programming to residents from the most famous museums to musical performances to tours and more. 



Similar to Live Living Network, Televëda offers live streaming content to senior living communities. Ranging from workout classes to educational programs, Televëda makes learning from anywhere possible. 


Memberships & Networking

Don’t forget to check your local community and state for chapters that support your seniors. Furthermore, be sure to check out the National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP) and National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP). Other ways to stay connected are to use platforms to create peer communities in an easy way. An easy and free application to use as a ay to meet with like-minded professionals is Tiny Talks. Tiny Talk helps people and organizations build stronger, more inclusive communities by making it easy for community members to connect with one another for short, random, one-on-one video chats that only last 7 minutes. Tiny Talk is a simple, free and easy way for team leaders, event staff and individuals alike to build and strengthen the relationships between members of their communities during these long days of quarantine, remote work and distance learning.


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