See How Charter Senior Living is Empowering Residents to ‘Live Life Out Loud’ Through Purposeful Programming – Amplifying Spirits and Sound For a Better Quality of Life


Charter Senior Living is a family-owned and trusted leader in the operation of senior living communities. Their calling is to give every senior in their care – and their families – peace of mind and the chance to be their best selves every day.

Charter’s caregivers respect and ensure residents’ dignity while providing care that is tailored to their preferences and specific needs. By creating this culture, they Enhance the Human Spirit of all residents, families, and associates.

Amber Dahle, National Director of Memory Care and Resident Programming, and Brad Scoggins, Senior Regional Director of Sales & Marketing were on a mission to find creative ways to increase resident engagement and inclusivity in a variety of on-campus events and activities during the month long program of “Living Life Out Loud.” Thanks to their efforts, Charter and Eversound teamed up to support 46 silent discos across the country during the week of March 24th-31st.

This event supported their theme of “Living Life Out Loud” by introducing opportunities to engage seniors in a whole new world that ignites creativity, offers encouragement, and sparks inspiration.

Charter Senior Living  Highlights

  • 47 communities across the country, where they offer personalized independent living, assisted living, and memory care options.
  • Charter’s memory care communities incorporate the Flourish℠ program, which focuses on six research-based pathways: Restore, Enrich, Connect, Create, Engage, and Contribute. These pathways encompass well-being, socialization and engagement, rest and restoration, meaningful relationships, nutrition, support, environment, and sense of purpose.
  • Charter’s Healthcare Apprenticeship Expansion Program (HAEP) is combating workforce shortages through an apprenticeship program, which has successfully elevated the careers of 20 employees from 45 senior living communities nationwide.

“Living Life Out Loud”

Charter Senior Living distinguishes itself among senior living communities by placing a strong emphasis on engagement and addressing the unique challenges faced by life enrichment professionals. By fostering a productive synergy between their marketing, sales, and programming teams, Charter recognizes the crucial role of programming in creating a thriving community.

In line with this commitment, Charter partnered with Eversound as part of their “Living Life Out Loud” month-long program, to introduce a network-wide pilot program designed to raise awareness about hearing loss and the cognitive impact of neglecting it. This collaboration presents an exciting opportunity for Charter to develop and organize programs that utilize Eversound’s innovative wireless headphone technology, enhancing residents’ hearing abilities and actively involving them in community activities.

Did you know: Addressing hearing impairment was considered the #1 modifiable risk factor for dementia?

Charter Senior Living: Premier Choice for Unmatched Connection and Meaningful Experiences

For the past several years, Charter Senior Living has embraced Eversound as an instrumental technology within some of their communities. Following a successful month-long pilot, over 75% of their communities now utilize Eversound. This collaboration ensures access to a wide range of experiences that promote engagement, connection, and overall well-being.

Eversound’s plug-and-play wireless headphone systems have made a significant impact on Charter’s residents, enabling them to feel heard and included not only during programming but also in interactions with family members. By promoting connectivity, Eversound has strengthened relationships and enhanced the resident experience beyond traditional activities. Families appreciate the added value during one-on-one visits, as it creates more meaningful and elevated moments (#Evermoments) that keep everyone connected.

The photos captured during our silent disco experiences became the heartbeat of our “Live Life Out Loud“ program, infusing life into every moment throughout the entire month. The ‘#evermoments’ shared showed the pure vibrancy and joy radiating from our residents’ faces.

-Amber Dahle, National Director of Memory Care and Resident Programming

The Vital Link Between Programming and Marketing & Sales Teams on Prospects

Charter Senior Living’s sales and marketing team leverages the positive impact of Eversound on residents and their families to position the community as an attractive option to prospects.

By highlighting the connection, inclusion, and meaningful experiences that Eversound brings, the team effectively differentiates Charter Senior Living from other senior living communities. Prospects are made aware of the community’s commitment to residents’ engagement, connectivity, and overall well-being through the use of this innovative technology.

Furthermore, the team emphasizes that Eversound goes beyond traditional programming, fostering stronger bonds and enriching the resident experience. This enables Charter to showcase the exceptional quality of life it offers on their prospect tours and the opportunities for meaningful interactions that prospects can expect.

By highlighting how Eversound facilitates connections with family members during visits, the team also demonstrates the community’s value and support for family involvement. This resonates with those prospects who prioritize maintaining close relationships with their loved ones and for those families that want seamless conversations with their aging senior.

We’re proud to be in the business of helping the greatest generation that’s ever lived. Programming and engagement are the soul of what we do. Eversound has provided us with valuable insights into the challenges of memory care and dementia programming, helping us become a more purposeful, unique, and exceptional community that prospective residents are eager to join.

– Brad Scoggins, Senior Regional Director of Sales & Marketing

What Staff Are Saying:

Overcoming vulnerability was our greatest challenge. We questioned whether everyone would fully embrace the program, attend training, actively participate, and maximize the potential of Eversound. However, the unwavering support we received from the Eversound team was nothing short of extraordinary. They ventured into our communities, providing invaluable guidance to our engagement teams on equipment usage and empowering us every step of the way.   

– Brad Scoggins

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