Investing in the right solutions can help to support senior living communities and efforts to provide high-quality care and facilitate a great resident experience. The right solution will address the obstacles that prevent teams from effectively engaging with residents for a better resident experience.

Eversound is a resident engagement platform and hearing assistance tool combined into a single powerful solution. Through our wireless listening system and activity programming content service, our solution has an expansive impact that serves to support multiple teams across the entire community, not just your life enrichment team.

Previously, we discussed the impact Eversound has on senior living communities. This guide will explore all the ways that Eversound benefits teams in senior living communities. Let’s dive in!

Eversound’s Impact on Teams

Although activity directors have the most forward-facing positions within a senior living community, they are by no means the only team members who stand to benefit from Eversound’s adoption. Financial, clinical, administrative, and, especially, sales and marketing teams will reap benefits through the implementation of Eversound across your community. Here’s a breakdown of how Eversound benefits senior living community teams.

Improvement in Residents’ Wellbeing

Eversound helps address hearing loss by giving personalization to their listening experience in every setting. Residents can adjust their headphones to individual volume levels that let them hear more clearly. Better hearing helps mitigate the negative effects of hearing loss, including social isolation, anxiety, depression, increase risk of falls, and more.

For clinical teams, our listening systems empower residents to better communicate and understand their care plans and needs. Not only can Eversound help to remove the communication barrier between clinical teams and residents, but it can also serve as a part of a comprehensive treatment strategy to improve resident’s overall wellbeing.

Increase in Family Satisfaction Scores

Family satisfaction is a key metric that can make or break a senior living community. In addition to serving as an identifier for resident satisfaction and engagement, family satisfaction scores provide administrative teams with valuable insights, which can be used to track KPIs (key performance indicators) and determine areas for improvement.

With Eversound, families report substantial improvements in engagement and communication within their loved ones. The most obvious improvement will be in hearing ability, but families will also notice things like an increase in happiness, greater participation in conversations, or even seeing the spark return to their loved one’s eyes.

Better yet, families can get a firsthand experience with Eversound by using it during family visits with their loved ones, with or without physical distancing. For an administrative team, there can be no better news than that which confirms that their continued efforts to improve the resident experience are working then through the use of solutions families can use as well.

Contribute Towards Driving Occupancy Goals

Resident occupancy rates have suffered a substantial drop amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. For many senior living communities, this drop has caused significant financial damage that is difficult to recover from. As a result, many communities have had to shift their strategies to increase resident occupancy.

For senior living community financial teams, Eversound is an investment that can help the community achieve its financial and resident occupancy goals. Eversound achieves this by improving two of the fundamental metrics that influence resident occupancy rates — resident engagement and resident experience.

Eversound can increase the length of stay

Among the many metrics that executive and financial teams are responsible for tracking, length of stay is one that can have a substantial impact on the success of a community. A short length of stay can indicate low resident satisfaction rates, poor resident engagement, recruiting more frail residents and high turnover rates. Financial teams tracking the length of stay know that it’s a metric that amounts to the true success of a community.

That’s why many communities focus on increasing the length of stay rates, as they can signify that a community is doing well in other core areas. Eversound can help to increase the length of stay by positively impacting other core areas, including engagement, family satisfaction, occupancy rates, and more.

When residents and their families are happy with the current level of care and experience that your community offers, they are more than willing to keep their loved ones residing in your community, which increases the length of stay rates.

Help the Community with Brand Awareness

Senior living communities have a unique position as a community that has the means of increasing the quality of life of those who may be suffering from age-related hearing loss. When a family is looking for a community for their loved one, they are looking for a community that is best-positioned to care for their loved one.

As Eversound is only available at a select number of senior living communities, it offers communities a distinct advantage over their competitors. With it, your sales and marketing teams have a powerful asset to leverage in their marketing strategies to increase your community’s brand awareness.

Eversound’s adoption not only shows that you can care for residents with hearing loss, but also that your community is deeply invested in providing that care.

Improve Team Efficiency to Maximize Time Spent with Residents

When senior living community teams spend time with residents it’s crucial to maximize that time by ensuring that residents and teams get the most out of it. From a resident’s perspective, this can mean that they thoroughly enjoy programming, actively participate in planned activities, engage in their physical therapy sessions and feel confident with the care they are receiving within the community.

From a team member’s perspective, this means that they were able to effectively communicate with a resident, that they were able to successfully execute the duties of their position, and, most importantly, that they were able to forge a connection with a resident. Eversound helps to support these residents and team experience by providing high-quality content for teams and residents to connect with. Better connections lead to better care.

Eversound Empowers Teams to Combat Hearing Loss and Bolster Resident Engagement

Eversound helps senior living communities take a holistic approach to their improvement. Eversound’s wireless headphone system and its activity programming content service is designed to address hearing loss and low resident engagement rates within senior living communities.

Eversound’s headphone solution can be used in a group or one-on-one setting. Wearers need only put on the headphones and adjust the volume settings to get clear, real-time audio. In a group setting, the portable transmitter can connect to a single audio source and a speaker’s microphone simultaneously, and broadcast to up to 300-feet to multiple connected headphones. In a one-on-one setting, one wearer may combine the headphone solution with a clip-on mic to broadcast the audio directly to the other wearer’s headphones. In a care situation, this can alleviate the pains caused by ineffective communication such as during care planning or PT/OT sessions.

As for activity programming, Eversound gives residents the opportunity to march to the beat of their own drums. YourLife enrichment teams can explore a library of hundreds of videos, guided programs, and more that span a variety of interests from art to animals and everything in between. This content can be used in group settings, but may also be used individually as your staff provides resident-centric care allowing residents to experience topics that interest them.

Key Takeaways

Untreated hearing loss and low resident engagement rates can have detrimental effects on the success of a community, including its residents and teams. Addressing these challenges caused by these issues with Everosund’s advanced wireless listening system and activity programming content service can help to elevate your community’s success.