You passed your Certified Nursing Aide classes and examination. Congratulations! Now it’s time to put that certification to work and start your career.

Interviewing for a new career in a new industry — well, just interviewing in general — can be pretty intimidating. For those who don’t like to be put on the spot, it can be super stressful. But fret not, your heart is in this and you have a passion for it, so talking about caregiving and your accomplishments should be easy.


We’ve outlined some potential questions and tips that might pop up in a Nursing Aide interview.

Why do you want to be a nursing aide?

Describe your passion and enthusiasm for caring for others. Potential employers want to determine if your heart is in the job or not.

Why did you leave your last job?

Stick to a professional answer even if you were unhappy at your last job. (Bashing a former employer is an interview no-no.) Talk up the positive aspects of your prospective job and senior living community and why it appeals to you.

Where do you see yourself in two years?

Don’t be shy. There is nothing wrong with saying you want a challenge or more responsibility down the road.

What is your certification?

You don’t need help with this answer, but here’s a helpful tip. Always bring a copy of your certification to an interview. It shows you’re prepared and eager to land the job. Bringing extra copies of your resume is key too. If the first interviewer enjoyed your conversation, you might need to meet other people on the team.

In this instance, what would you do?

Since you will be responsible for the care of multiple people, you might be asked situational questions of how you would handle different scenarios. We can’t help you with these answers, but wanted to prepare you that they might be asked. This is where your training and prior experience kicks in gear.

Explain how you’d care for so and so.

Interviewers might name a scenario where you’d explain how you’d care for a particular resident. Cover all your bases here. Before you answer, envision entering their room and look around you. Speak about how you’d care for the resident, but also you’d make sure the resident was comfortable in that specific environment and the resources you’d have to complete the task.