LeadingAge Throws First Silent Disco (And it Was Awesome)

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“The silent disco was the hit of the Inclusion Party. Attendees loved it. It was fabulous to both participate in and watch. We would definitely do it again.”
– Sharon Sullivan,
V.P. Conferences and Expositions, LeadingAge

You’ve just entered the Inclusion Event at LeadingAge 2017 that everyone’s been talking about. At first, you’re confused. 200 people are all dancing and singing to the same song––but there’s no music playing out loud.

Has everyone gone insane?

Then, it hits you: everyone is listening to the same music through wireless headphones. Someone hands you a pair and you’re instantly transported to The Party Zone™. Welcome to your first Silent Disco.

This past week at LeadingAge 2017 in New Orleans, Eversound sponsored the first-ever Silent Disco at a senior living conference.

It will not be the last.

Darrell, a party attendee adds; “The Silent Disco was surreally fantastic!  I was scared to try, but the music immediately made me comfortable. It’s like a dream where you’re the star. Everyone around is your good time boogie entourage, cheering you on. Enjoying your private Rock Show, as much as you do!”

Senior living communities are also hopping on the Silent Disco train!

Benchmark Senior Living’s Harbor Point at Centerville shows off some moves in the video below.

Who’s ready for the next senior living Silent Disco?