Professional associations exist in every industry. If you’re wondering what exactly they are, a professional association is a non-profit body, organization, or society seeking to further a particular profession, and in this case the world of senior care.

There are many of associations that help advance senior care with funding for research, skill certification, and advocacy for our seniors. Here are a few we think are doing great things:

National Association of Activity Professionals

The National Association of Activity Professionals is dedicated to advancing the activities profession and represents all Activity Professionals working in geriatric settings. They’re also one of Eversound’s partners! NAAP hosts a yearly conference for activities professionals and offers an annual membership which provides access to live webinars, networking, monthly program ideas, and more.

Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s Association advances research to end Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is the largest national voluntary heath organization that works to eliminate the disease and enhance care for those who are living with it. The national group has local chapters for support within each community, a 24/7 hotline, support groups, and educational sessions nationwide.

American Society on Aging

American Society on Aging is committed to enhancing the knowledge and skills of those dedicated to improving the quality of life of older adults and their families. With over 5,000 members, made up of practitioners, educators, administrators, researchers, and students, they support all aspects of senior life and aging, including the physical, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual.

National Council on Aging

The NCOA aids people over 60 years old with aging and partners with nonprofit organizations and other groups to provide innovative community programs that help adults stay healthy, secure, and independent. With goals to improve the health and economic security of aging adults, they improved a staggering 1.47 million lives in 2017, and are dedicated to help even more in the future.

International Council on Active Aging

Maintaining wellness in life isn’t some fad that will be forgotten when the next one comes along. The ICAA believes that being fulfilled within the seven dimensions of wellness (emotional, vocational, physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental) can help aging adults preserve their quality of life. They look to dispel society’s myths about aging and provide senior care professionals with education, information, resources, and tools so they can achieve optimal success.

American Nurses Association

While many of the senior industry’s associations protect and advocate for seniors, the ANA is looking out for our nurses — and we’re thankful for that. The ANA exists to give every nurse the resources and opportunity of success in their efforts to advance the nursing profession.