Imagine that you could significantly increase move-in rates for your senior living community. How would your community improve?

A few extra move-ins each year could mean a more lively social dynamic, increased budgets, improved NOI and staff bonuses.

Increasing move-ins means finding a way to differentiate your community during the sales process. Residents and their families will have to be convinced that your community offers a better mix of inclusion, accessibility and engagement than competitors.

Over a thousand senior living communities across the country are using Eversound — senior living’s preferred hearing solution — to increase move-ins and grow their census. Eversound’s wireless headphone system helps improve communication; sales and marketing directors are using this technology to build their community brand, give more engaging prospect tours and increase resident satisfaction.

Vitality Living — which operates 28 communities serving 2,500 residents in 10 states — is using Eversound to differentiate its services. In a recent study with Vitality, communities using Eversound experienced a 34% increase in move-ins after implementing the Eversound system: equivalent to two extra move-ins per community, per year.

Eversound provides a boost to your existing care and services. Let’s explore how our wireless headphone system can serve as an espresso shot for your community’s inclusion, accessibility and engagement.

Eversound Through the Sales Cycle

The Eversound headphone system’s broadcast range (up to 300 feet from the transmitter) helps enhance comprehension while affording flexibility for outdoor programming and broadcasting between wings of buildings — without the need for WiFi or cellular service.

Here’s how sales and marketing directors can use the system to improve key metrics at each stage of the prospect journey:

Brand Awareness: Empower your resident ambassadors for brand building

To secure a new move-in, you first need more leads and a better lead-to-tour ratio.

Consider that 60% of people searching for a senior living community have no knowledge of their local options before starting their customer journey. Before prospective residents and their families join you for a tour, they first need to know about your community.

Eversound makes a great addition to conferences and outreach events as tangible evidence of your community’s commitment to purposeful technology. Have resident ambassadors demonstrate how they use Eversound on a daily basis; prospective residents and their families will start to visualize themselves doing the same.

Conversion: Power up your prospect tours

Now it’s time to wow prospective residents with a guided walkthrough that showcases your community’s differentiators.

Especially if they experience hearing loss, a prospect might have trouble understanding your sales and marketing staff on tour. Eversound’s headphones and transmitters help you maximize the impact of your tour. The system ensures that nothing gets lost in translation, and also showcases your tech-forward approach to senior living.

The entire tour group – sales/marketing director, prospects, family members – can use Eversound, without the need for WiFi, as they walk through the community. Say hello to higher tour-to-move-in rates!

Eversound is such an amazing tool and can truly change lives. We just had another tour with a future resident whose hearing aids were broken and Eversound helped to get to yes to move-in. He is also excited about using the headphones during activities

– The Sheridan at Eastside | Senior Lifestyle

Retention: Enhance connections during family visits

Every sales and marketing director knows that the sales process isn’t over once a resident moves in. Eversound can help keep residents and their families happy so you don’t have to worry about controllable move-outs!

Eversound makes family visits more engaging. Residents will hear more clearly and families won’t have to raise their voices or repeat themselves. When families maintain closer contact with their loved ones, they’ll feel at ease with the care your community provides.

How Vitality Living Increased Move-In Rates with Eversound

So how did Vitality Living achieve their 34% move-in increase with Eversound?

Vitality deployed Eversound’s wireless headphone systems for use during community tours at seven of their communities. Eversound trained Vitality staff on usage and provided talk tracks for sales/marketing directors to introduce Eversound to prospects and families.

After a three-month trial period, Vitality leaders compared key sales metrics from the seven-community test group against the other 21 Vitality communities without Eversound.

Eversound’s Impact

The results of the study were loud and clear. The communities with Eversound experienced:

  • A 34% increase in move-ins
  • A 25% increase in tour-to-sale ratio
  • A 32% increase in tour-to-move-in ratio
  • An estimated 2 additional move-ins per community, per year

Becky Cummings, the adult child of a Vitality resident who used Eversound, summed up the findings well.

My mother is 89 years old and has a number of disabilities, the most isolating of which is her difficulty with hearing loss,” Cummings said. “The Eversound system is one of the benefits that appealed to me and contributed to my decision in choosing this community for my mother’s home.

Grow Your Community with Eversound

Are you ready to increase move-ins and see results similar to Vitality Living?

A few extra move-ins can make all the difference. At an average cost of $260/mo for the basic Eversound package, the return on investment (ROI) speaks for itself.

Chat with us to learn how Eversound can augment your sales and marketing efforts. A member of our team will reach out to schedule a 15-minute consultation to find the right package option for your community and provide a quote.