During the newest global pandemic, COVID-19 senior communities are not immune and must adhere to state and federal guidelines to keep residents and staff safe. Restrictions include physical distancing, which requires individuals to refrain from being closer than 6-10 feet from others. This means activities and other events where seniors would be close together are canceled or postponed.

Thankfully, some technologies help senior living communities adapt and provide alternatives for seniors in these times of crisis. To help with the looming concerns of isolation and loneliness that can come with physical distancing, the following technologies make it possible to keep residents engaged, informed and stimulated.

The following 4 technologies provide seniors with the engagement and socialization they need even in times of physical distancing.

1. iN2L

It’s Never Too Late (iN2L) is another technology perfect for ongoing resident engagement during physical distancing. Pass the hours with iN2L’s all in one package of hardware, software, and training for person-centered content aimed at engagement and providing meaningful experiences.

iN2L is a great resource for senior community residents to get in touch with family during times of health crisis. It allows for messages and video calls! The iN2L website also has countless ideas for activities and printables for engaging residents to download here.

Features Include:

  • Compatible with Eversound.
  • Multiple hardware options designed for your communities needs
  • A large content library regularly updated

2. Eversound

Eversound aims to improve the quality of life for seniors by breaking down communication barriers through its long range wireless headphone systems and dynamic content platform. Instrumental in bringing residents together while keeping them safely apart, Eversound’s wireless headphone systems have been used in a range of ways including small group activities and connecting with loved ones. See how Eversound communities are overcoming physical distancing challenges here.

Features Include:

  • 400 foot range, reaching residents in their rooms or in hallways
  • 120 headphones can connect to 1 transmitter. Using multiple transmitters allows you to run several small group programs or individual family visits (virtual or window visits) during physical distancing by registering 4-5 headphones to transmitters.
  • Simultaneous use of audio and voice for engaging programs
  • 2-Headphone Package allows for in-room use

See membership options here

Residents use Eversound to play hallway trivia

3. Rendever

Rendever is another technology that can help infinitely with isolation and loneliness during times of physical distancing. Due to physical distancing, seniors are likely unable to see the friends and family they normally would, attend activities and church services and go to places they enjoy. Rendever makes it possible to do these things and more.

Use Rendever to bring the “outside world” in and a taste of normalcy as residents are spending more time in their rooms. Through pre-programmed or family provided video or photos, Rendever will bring a smile to their face.

Features Include:

  • Compatibility with Eversound for completely immersive experiences
  • Rendever headsets allow for viewing of past favorite places, bucket list items and sharing experiences with others, anywhere in the world
  • Activity guides provide seniors with hand-picked must-see spots

4. Touchtown

Touchtown technology aims to improve the quality of life through connectivity and innovation. Touchtown makes it possible to efficiently and effectively keep seniors, staff and family engaged and informed about all information and happenings in the community. Touchtown can be utilized across tablets, TV and other devices and is a hugely beneficial technology in times of crisis where information needs to get to everyone. Seniors can choose which technology platform they find easiest to use, and get all information and entertainment through it.

Touchtown can make it possible to keep all residents in the loop during physical distancing, as well as keep activities going. Calendars can be easily changed and updated and all touchtown members can see updates in real-time. Instead of paper signs that are oftentimes missed, digital signage is possible with touchtown, a great way to get important announcements out! Furthermore, touchtown can keep seniors engaged through the TV room channel that can live-stream video to their room.

Features Include:

  • Touchtown connects to Amazon Alexa, allowing for a voice assistant to seamlessly deliver messages to seniors and also provides information to seniors with visual impairment who are unable to use tablet or TV.
  • TV+ in-room channel delivers content straight to seniors’ rooms, from community content to announcements to scheduling a community-wide movie viewing.
  • Community Apps are a portal made for your senior community residents to access any important information as well as play games and access other entertainment at their fingertips.


Technology has made it possible to keep a sense of community even in times of distancing and isolation. These four technologies make it easier to adapt to the uncertain and anxiety-provoking times that a health crisis brings, and make it possible for seniors in communities to stay engaged and stimulated.