In the senior living industry, high resident engagement rates indicate resident participation in planned activities, positive social interaction between residents and others, and residents actively pursuing wellness within their community. As senior community leaders work to improve resident engagement rates, they have begun to rely on resident engagement platforms.

Resident engagement platforms are engineered to address the unique needs of the senior community to improve engagement through various approaches. Some platforms focus on content delivery as a solution, while others may focus on upgrading a senior living community’s tech infrastructure to support resident engagement.

As a resident engagement platform, Eversound is a standalone, comprehensive solution that combines multiple approaches to engagement. It is a unique solution in that it is designed to work with other resident engagement platforms to deliver a seamlessly enhanced experience. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top resident engagement platforms, their strengths, and how Eversound can complement other resident engagement solutions. Let’s dive in.

Connected Living

Connected Living is a platform that takes a content-delivery-focused approach to improve resident engagement. This solution works to make content delivery more efficient within senior living communities. By enabling senior community leaders and staff to have more control and customization options over messaging throughout the community, the problems related to missed messages are eliminated. It’s a simple, elegant solution that relies on the crucial nature of communication within a senior living community. Fundamentally, residents need to be able to effectively communicate with staff, and staff need to be able to effectively communicate with residents.

With the Connected Living Enterprise Content Management System (eCMS), effective communication is taken a step further. Personalized messaging for individual residents or a specific group of residents, means that everyone is on the same page and the community can run in a more organized fashion. For example, residents scheduled for one activity can be sent a reminder on their in-room television, wearable, or another device to ensure that they get the message.

How Eversound Complements Connected Living

As a resident engagement platform, Connected Living is great for ensuring that messages and content within its eCMS ecosystem are delivered seamlessly. Eversound can be used in conjunction with the Connected Living Platform to help deliver messages to those who may be hard-of-hearing or have vision problems, both of which are common problems in the older adult population. Additionally, for those residents who suffer from focus problems related to dementia, Eversound can be used to keep residents engaged by delivery content more directly via headphones. In short, Eversound’s solutions complement the Connected Living Platform by making its programming and messaging more accessible and extend its reach to all individuals within a senior living community. Combined, these two resident engagement platforms can create a virtually infallible messaging system within a senior community.


K4Connect is a resident engagement platform that brings an entire tech ecosystem to any senior living community. The K4Community modules include digital signage technology, direct broadcast solutions, home automation, Alexa integration, a resident-facing app, and more. This platform helps senior living communities build the right software infrastructure to ensure that the community is connected and powered by automated solutions.

With K4Community solutions, it’s possible to take care of everything from content delivery to home automation and everything in between from one place. These are solutions that benefit your community and the residents themselves. K4Connect is not alone in its approach to improving resident engagement. TouchTown and InTouch are similarly resident engagement platforms that prioritize implementing a robust tech ecosystem to support resident engagement. Though these platforms differ in delivery, each seeks to be a holistic tech solution for senior communities.

How Eversound Complements K4Connect

K4Connect empowers resident engagement by providing the right tech infrastructure to ensure that residents get all the information they need, delivered to their mobile devices, television, or even their smart home device. On the staff end, it’s a solution that enables staff to communicate directly with senior residents.

Eversound’s Premium Programming content can be seamlessly streamed and delivered through K4Connect and other similar resident engagement platforms. Eversound’s content library consists of hundreds of programming options, including on-demand live stream events with subject matter experts spanning multiple topics.

Broadcast Eversound’s content to an entire senior living community or use it to host smaller group activities and social events with K4Connect’s platform. To elevate the experience, pair Eversound’s headphone solution. Direct broadcast content to residents via Eversound’s headphone solution. As Eversound headphones have a range of over 330 feet, residents can stay engaged with their community while maintaining social distance.


IN2L offers a digital system that senior communities can rely on to encourage engagement within the resident community through programming. This platform prioritizes connection through programming content, to foster positive relationships between residents. IN2L features a touch screen tablet solution that can be used by staff and residents throughout the course of the day to share content.

IN2L content library features thousands of content items, that enable seniors to connect on the foundation of common interests. Most importantly, the content is not generic. IN2L’s content library is filled to the brim with senior-focused content in areas that include, physical exercise, cognitive activities, therapy, education, memory support, and more. This can be used in an individual or group setting to maximize engagement.

Not to mention, the touch screen tablet solution can be used to nurture connections outside of the community. It can support video chat and messaging with loved ones.

How Eversound Complements IN2L

IN2L’s robust content library featuring targeted content for the senior community enables residents to explore their interests alone or with others on an easy-to-use, portable device. With Eversound, residents can enjoy the content even more by pairing the IN2L tablet with the Eversound headphone solution. Groups of residents can watch and engage with the same content at the same time, increasing social interaction.

As Eversound is also a hearing assistance solution, it is perfectly positioned to address the isolating effects of hearing loss within senior living communities. When used with IN2L’s tablet, Eversound’s headphones can be used to help seniors suffering from hearing loss have a better auditory experience with IN2L’s programming content. Moreover, residents with dementia who may have trouble focusing on or connecting with programming content can choose cognitive function focused or therapy content within IN2L’s library. With Eversound, the audio can be adjusted to ensure that residents can focus on and enjoy the content to their fullest ability.

The Eversound Solution

Eversound is designed as a truly comprehensive resident engagement platform that hits the mark on versatility. It’s distinct offerings include a programming content library and a headphone solution. Eversound’s Premium Programming includes hundreds of content options for seniors that span a range of subjects to promote social interaction and increase engagement. Eversound’s headphone package includes a hearing assistance solution powered by DECT technology to share audio. These solutions combine to create a completely unique resident engagement platform. Here’s an in-depth look at Eversound’s programming and headphone’s core functions:

  • Resident Engagement: Eversound’s Premium Programming service brings unique and interesting content directly to resident communities. Search on-demand, live stream, or library content for an engaging program delivered to an individual device or broadcast to a group.
  • Hearing Assistance: Eversound headphones can be adjusted to meet the unique auditory needs of its wearer. For residents with hearing loss, the headphone settings can be adjusted to comfortable hearing levels without having to turn up the external volume on televisions, radios, programming, or even during group activities.
  • Communication Tool: When Eversound headphones are used with a clip-on microphone, they enable wearers to both hear their external sounds more clearly and communicate with others more effectively. This works in group and one-on-one settings to improve sound quality and speech coherence (especially when masks are worn).

By providing a range of solutions to improve resident engagement, increase accessibility, and bolster communication, Eversound’s Premium Programming service and headphones combine to strengthen the solutions of other resident engagement platforms. With Eversound, other resident engagement platforms can better accommodate residents suffering from hearing loss across all levels of care, including assisted living and memory care.

If you’re looking for a complete resident engagement solution, why not choose one that can serve everyone in your community and can work well with other platforms? That’s exactly what you get when you choose the Eversound solution.

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