Using social media the right way can be very successful for a business — especially in the senior living industry. If you’re looking to build awareness or connect with potential new business candidates, than social media can certainly help to support growth.

We’ve put together a simple guide for Activity Professionals and senior communities on how to utilize and leverage social media. Enjoy!

Popular Platforms

In recent years, the average Facebook user has gotten older and older. Another social media network that is a little more “grown up” than the rest is LinkedIn. With the amount of seniors 65 years and above using social media to connect with others, it’s fairly obvious that social media is a great way to attract senior citizens and loved ones of seniors.


Brand Awareness – Social Media will expose your company to an audience that may have never heard about you before.

Education – Both parties could benefit here. You can educate consumers on the what your community has to offer. And, by interacting with your audience, you can learn more about their wants and needs.

New Business – Social Media is a great marketing tool for gathering new leads and potential new business prospects.

Relevance – It’s always important to remain relevant among the competition. By staying connected with your consumers and continuing to use advanced forms of marketing, you’ll certainly land on top.

Getting Started

Always Answer Back – Engagement is key, even if it means answering difficult questions and responding to negative reviews. It’ll give you a chance to defend your community in a positive way. The more you engage, the more eyes you’ll attract.

Get Reviews – Always encourage residents and loved ones to write an honest review of their experience on your Facebook page. The more real-life stories and posts that others can relate to, the better.

Create Columns – The only way you’ll connect with a broader audience is by putting yourself out there. Find ways to tell different stories and post a few times a week. Examples: “Resident of the Week” and “Community Q&A”.

Tell Your Story – Use social media a marketing tool to tell your community’s story. By incorporating brand messaging and your community’s values, you’re given a chance to control the message that your online audience receives.

Promote – Boost awareness by promoting your channels. Add your Facebook address to the staff’s business cards, add a link to your website, and cross promote it on LinkedIn or any other platform you use.