Sales and marketing efforts for senior living communities should always be centered around one question: How can I differentiate my community?

The key to bringing in new residents involves showcasing the unique aspects of your community, and ensuring prospects can visualize themselves within this reality. Happy, healthy communities are defined by residents that feel they can pursue their passions comfortably, supported by your staff and your technology toolkit.

Many communities are still making up for lost leads and conversions from COVID-19. The pandemic caused a 41% decrease in sales inquiries for senior living providers. Sales and community directors have a difficult job: converting prospects and maintaining occupancy rates. Savvy sales professionals need to take advantage of tools that turn prospects into long-term residents.

Communities across the country are using Eversound, the advanced listening system that increases accessibility, inclusion, and engagement throughout the prospecting process, and beyond. Eversound’s technology, which connects up to 120 wireless headphones at distances up to 300 feet, can be used to enhance the tour experience, show a commitment to residents experiencing hearing and memory loss, and ultimately differentiate your community from the rest.

Let’s explore three success stories from communities that integrated Eversound into their sales and marketing efforts, and saw outstanding results:


Brightview Senior Living:
Enhancing the tour experience

Rosie Sampson and Renée Berard are Community Sales Directors at Brightview Senior Living, which owns and operates 35 senior living communities in the Northeast. The pair had initially implemented Eversound to increase engagement during activity time. Quickly, the Brightview team saw an opportunity to use Eversound on prospect tours: effectively extending the engaging, inclusive resident experience to potential new residents.

Sampson recalled a prospect tour where she showcased Eversound’s value. The daughter of a prospective resident called in, saying that her father was experiencing significant hearing loss. It marked a perfect chance to bring Eversound into the process as an on-tour supplement to the prospective resident’s hearing aids.

“It was very clear that it was not going to work without Eversound,” Sampson said.

[With Eversound,] he was able to participate in that tour and not have to be right in front of me to hear everything that I was saying…. He seemed calmer and not as anxious.”

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Bridges by Epoch:
Showcasing purposeful technology

Bridges by Epoch provides home-like, neighborhood environments for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss in 11 communities across Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. The Bridges team, led by VP of Memory Care Operations Alicia Seaver, found an opportunity to integrate Eversound with the rest of their technology suite to showcase their forward-thinking culture and opportunities for connectivity.

Seaver and her team combined Eversound’s listening system with an iN2L touch screen engagement system as part of their Memory Care Café sessions. These group activities provided virtual support to residents living with dementia, and their caregivers who signed on remotely.

The program was a success inside Bridges communities, and also provided an opportunity for the sales and marketing teams to showcase Bridges’ commitment to meaningful socialization and engagement solutions. This helped caregivers visualize their prospective residents in a Bridges community.

“The Memory Care Cafés absolutely help our relationships and connections with potential family members,” Seaves said.

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Commonwealth Senior Living:
Differentiating their community

The team at Commonwealth Senior Living achieved the main goal of differentiation by using Eversound to shine a light on their commitment to engagement. Integrating Eversound into their 21 Massachusetts-based senior living communities improved event and activity attendance by 20%.

Paula Harder, VP of Resident Programs for Commonwealth Senior Living, implemented the solution along with the rest of her team, including Jessica Akers, Program Assistant. Movie and television viewing, speaker events, and one-on-conversations were all opportunities to use Eversound. Prospective residents could then see Commonwealth’s commitment to building an enriching, collaborative environment, in real time.

“What sets Commonwealth Senior Living apart from other senior living communities is our focus on engagement and resident life,” Harder said.

“We’re more than just a place for seniors to live and continue with their lives. We look for ways to make life continue once they come to live with us.”

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Eversound pays for itself – and bolsters sales and marketing efforts for your senior living community.

Sales and marketing directors can use Everound to showcase their senior living communities’ commitment to technology and accessibility. If your budgets are tight, have no fear! One month’s rent from a net new rental (i.e. from a prospect that can see how your community is different) pays for an entire year of an Eversound membership.

Get in touch to learn how Eversound can help you increase engagement in your community, and provide a valuable tool for prospect tours.