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multiple uses. infinite possibility.

Eversound enables communities to deliver extraordinary personalized care with one powerful tool for a wide range of uses.
See how Eversound reconnects residents with their communities

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group activities

Amplify engagement and empower all residents to participate by using Eversound in daily group programs at your community.

  • Fosters socialization by making group activities inclusive
  • Improves residents’ experiences in daily activitiesand special events
  • Encourages residents to pursue interests and discovernew passions
See how Eversound provides extraordinary, individualized care

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with caregivers

A valuable asset for individualized care planning and delivery, Eversound empowers residents to be active participants in their care by fostering a healthy social environment between staff, family members, residentsand caregivers.

  • Improves care effectiveness and efficiency
  • Promotes ease of care delivery and reduces resistance
  • Increases therapeutic benefits for residents

See how Eversound fosters deep relationships

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visits with 
family and friends

Eversound removes communication barriers so residents can enjoy meaningful one-on-one interactions with loved ones.

  • Reduces anxiety and frustration for residents and families
  • Promotes connection and socialization
  • Helps residents retain focus in noisy locations

See how Eversound is used for music therapy

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music therapy

Using Eversound for music therapy in group or individualsettings offers uplifting experiences with proventherapeutic benefits.*

  • Increases socialization and connection when used in group settings
  • Reduces stress and may improve cognitive and speech skills
  • Offers a therapeutic option for memory care residents during sundowning
  • Works seamlessly from any source, including YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes
*Music therapy must be performed by a board-certified music therapist
See how Eversound is used on tours with prospective residents

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resident tours

With Eversound, tours are more fulfilling and productive because prospective residents can fully participate.

  • Enables prospective residents to connect and engage
  • Promotes confidence and assurity in families and caregivers
  • Helps families navigate the transition with their loved one

Eversound for senior living communities

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