Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about Eversound below. If you need additional assistance or want to talk to a real person, you can call us at 855 938 7686 or email us at hello@eversoundhq.com

10-Headphone Package

How many headphones does Eversound come with?

Eversound comes with either 10, 20, or 30 headphones. You can also add additional headphones in sets of 10 as separate purchases.

Does Eversound work with hearing aids?

Yes, Eversound is designed to improve hearing for anyone, whether or not they choose to wear hearing aids.

How does Eversound work?

Eversound connects to any audio source with a physical audio output and broadcasts sound to all connected headphones within a 300-foot radius.

Will Eversound work with my A/V system, television, etc?

Yes, Eversound connects to any audio source with a physical audio output. We’ll help you install Eversound and integrate it into your events.

What does Eversound cost?

For detailed pricing information, please reach out to us directly by filling out this form, call us at 855 938 7686, or email us at hello@eversoundhq.com

How long does the battery last in Eversound Headphones?

Eversound Headphones have about a 5 hour battery life. The Eversound Transmitter has a 15 hour battery life.

Can you use more than one Eversound Transmitter in a community?

Yes! However, Eversound Headphones can only be paired to one transmitter at a time. If you want to use the same pair of headphones with two transmitters, there is a simple registration process to transfer between transmitters.

Does Eversound use Bluetooth technology?

Nope! Our system operates under the DECT 6.0 standard which will allows for up to 120 headphones to connect to a single transmitter.

2-Headphone Package

Where are some other places I can use my 2-Headphone Package immediately? 

  • During individual care planning or therapy sessions
  • In small group activities, like book clubs or small discussion groups
  • Making it available for use during visits with family and friends
  • During music therapy sessions 
  • Religious services for bed bound residents
  • Video conferencing with family and friends
  • During prospective resident tours 
  • Using during individual activities and hobbies of residents such as music played during painting sessions, use in language courses or watching their own TV. 

These are just some of the ways we’ve heard communities are using the 2-Headphone Package. Don’t forget to share your #EverMoments with us, the moments that positively impact your residents or team, here. We want to hear how your community is finding daily success!

Can I register my 2-Headphone Package to my 10-Headphone Package and vice versa? 

Yes, you may register your 2-Headphone Package to your 10-Headphone Package, however we strongly recommend you keep the packages as sets. Unregistering headphones from your 2-Headphone Package to your 10-Headphone Package transmitter may cause confusion and make keeping track of systems difficult. Please use the stickers provided in your 2-Headphone Package to label your headphones and transmitter. 

How do I distinguish the 2 headphones in the 2-Headphone Package from my other headphones?

The 2-Headphone Package includes black and white stickers that can be placed on each of the headphones and on the transmitter to help differentiate them from the 10-Headphone Package(s) in your community. You can choose to either label your headphones and transmitter with the white or black stickers.

What if a headphone is broken? 

The 2-Headphone Package provides you the same protection and service as the 10-Headphone Package which means your community is eligible for replacement parts and training support. 

Where can I find ongoing support? 

The Eversound team is here to support your ongoing success. For quick tutorials for common troubleshooting problems around the 2-Headphone Package, please visit our support center or reach out to your community success manager.