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Flexible options

Every community has different goals. We are here to make sure you reach them by providing customized packages, tailored to your community. Simply fill out the form to get started.

all packages include

  • 100+ turn-key activity ideas and monthly activity calendars
  • Tools and resources to streamline program planning
  • Dedicated support from a Customer Success manager

It is an integral part of our lecture series, resident meetings…For them to listen wirelessly, I have so many residents that benefit from this particular system.”

Lucia Leber Lucia Leber
Executive Director, LCB Senior Living, Otter Creek

To learn another language, to learn about other cultures, to catch up on the old movies that you’ve always loved . . . all of those things are made more possible and more rich in terms of experience by the Eversound system.”

Ted Doyle Ted Doyle
Vice President of Marketing, LCB Senior Living

Eversound has made a huge impact on participation and engagement… Using Eversound has led to smoother shift changes for staff as residents experience less need and demonstrate fewer behavioral challenges.”

Jessica Powers Jessica Powers
Activities Director, Vindobona