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A new way to help residents engage at group programs

Eversound Group Wireless Headphones enable every resident at your senior community to participate and engage with more comfort and autonomy.

Get all your residents connected

Connect any audio source to the Eversound Transmitter and your residents are ready to connect with staff, family members, and other residents.

What’s Included

Eversound Headphones

Eversound comes with 10, 20, or 30+ headphones, each with a personal volume control dial.

Eversound Transmitter

Connect to any audio source including your A/V system, television, music player device, and much more.

Portable Charging Case

Easily charge, transport, and protect your Eversound Headphones and Transmitter with this custom case.

Clip-On Microphone

Easily broadcast crystal clear audio of your voice to your entire audience (and make shouting a thing of the past).

Straightfoward controls that are easy to learn

Simply distribute the Eversound Headphones to your residents and help them find a comfortable volume level.

The perfect complement to hearing aids

Eversound Headphones improve hearing for everyone in your audience, whether or not they choose to wear hearing aids.

Complete installation and onboarding support

We’ll make sure your community experiences the full benefits of Eversound. Just call or email us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Case designed for easy charging and portability

Charging, storing, and transporting Eversound between events is a breeze. The case is also a great place to store cords, manuals, and other accessories.

Eversound features you’ll love

Connects to Your A/V System

Eversound connects directly to your A/V system for use during speaker events, movies, and more.

Ergonomic Volume Dial

Each pair of Eversound Headphones features an ergonomic and easy-to-use personal volume dial.

In-Case Charging

Charging Eversound Headphones is fast and simple with the included case.

Lightweight Design

Eversound Headphones are lightweight for ultimate comfort during long listening sessions.

Full Lifetime Support

Our Community Engagement team is always available to help empower your residents

Hearing-Aid Friendly

Eversound Headphones improve hearing whether or not the user wears hearing aids.

Broadcast Your Voice

Using the included clip-on microphone, you can broadcast crystal clear audio of your voice.

Adjustable Headband

Easily adjust the headphones so they are comfortable and fit snugly on your head.

Less Wires

Eversound Headphones are fully wireless––they even charge wirelessly.

Replaceable Ear-Pads

For maximum sanitation, Eversound Headphones feature replaceable ear-pads.

Personal Volume Control

Every listener can control their personal audio experience by rotating the volume dial.

Anti-Microbial Plastics

Eversound Headphones are made with anti-microbial plastics that promote sanitation.

Connect to Any Audio Source

Eversound connects to any audio source with a physical audio output.

Simple Controls

Spend less time fussing with complicated controls and more time enjoying your event.

Clip-On Microphone

Communicate with your audience more easily than ever before.

Ready to take your events and activities to the next level with Eversound?

You’ll be amazed with the impact clear hearing has for your residents!

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