Let your residents hear better - bring Eversound’s Hearing Health Program to your Community

Research shows that over 81% of individuals over 80 have hearing loss and only 22% have hearing aids. That means close to 65% of your community’s residents are living with untreated hearing loss that impacts their daily lives and health.

Eversound’s Hearing Health program is a resident-centric, concierge-level service that is part of the Eversound membership* so your community can provide convenient on-site access to hearing health care.

*Currently available in California, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts

Concierge-level support

Our concierge-level service enables your community to provide your residents access to hearing health services from the convenience of your community while freeing up staff time.

First of its kind hearing aid Loss Coverage

Our first of its kind loss coverage reduces the financial risk of lost hearing aids for the communities. We provide a generous hearing aid Loss Coverage representing up to a $8400 value per year for each community partnering with us.