2-Headphone Package

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Learn more about the powerful benefits of our 2-Headphone Package, how to use it at your community, and the program requirements for you to receive a $100 gift card.

use cases

Combining our 2-Headphone Package with an existing Eversound service can transform daily life for your residents, leading to powerful benefits for your community.

Using Eversound for music therapy in group or individual settings offers uplifting experiences with proven therapeutic benefits.*

  • Increases socialization and connection when used in group settings
  • Reduces stress and may improve cognitive and speech skills
  • Offers a therapeutic option for memory care residents during sundowning
  • Works seamlessly from any source, including YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes

who this helps on your team

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
*Music therapy must be performed by a board-certified music therapist

Eversound removes communication barriers so residents can enjoy meaningful one-on-one interactions with loved ones.

  • Promotes connection and socialization
  • Reduces anxiety and frustration for residents and families
  • Helps residents retain focus in noisy locations

who this helps on your team

  • Life Enrichment Staff
  • Caregivers

A valuable asset for individualized care planning and delivery, Eversound helps foster a healthy social environment among staff, family members, residents and caregivers.

  • Improves care effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reduces resistance and promotes ease of care delivery
  • Increases therapeutic benefits for residents

who this helps on your team

  • Medical and Nursing Staff
  • Caregivers

With Eversound, tours are more fulfilling and productive because prospective residents can fully participate.

  • Enables prospective residents to connect and engage
  • Promotes confidence and assurance in families and caregivers
  • Helps families navigate the transition with their loved one

who this helps on your team

Sales and Marketing

training and support


charging eversound


Charging Eversound headphones and transmitter.


use cases


Implementing Eversound in your community's daily programming.


registering headphones


Registering additional headphones, replacement headphones, or headphones to a different transmitter.

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We deeply value your feedback as we continuously work to improve our product. In addition to your 30-day free trial, we will send you a $100 gift card upon completion of the following:

complete surveys

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Participate in two, 20-minute feedback sessions via phone or video chat with your program representative. Enter your email below to schedule times.

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