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By 2029, North Dakota’s population of
individuals age 65+ is projected to grow

Eversound can help your community stand out

Eversound is a simple and affordable way to transform the lives of residents and staff by amplifying well-being. Eversound’s easy-to-use headphone solution works by enhancing focus and engagement in every part of your community, including group events and one-on-one interactions.

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How Eversound Can Help Your Community

According to North Dakota Long Term Care Association (NDLTC), the second most common reason prospective residents move into assisted living communities is due to social isolation.

Case studies show that Eversound helps prevent social isolation and depression by empowering residents to engage with their communities.

Eversound can also help improve mood and in some cases, assist with behavioral challenges common in residents living with cognitive decline and other dementias.

increase in resident
engagement in activities
improvement in memory care
mood and behavior
increase in resident understanding of activity,
which decreases risk of social isolation

Eversound has been a homerun. We’ve seen it make a real difference for a number of our people."

Loren Shook Loren Shook
CEO, Silverado Memory Care

Eversound transforms the daily lives of residents and staff at 500+ communities

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Partner with Eversound to assure prospective and current residents along with their families that your community prioritizes well-being.

Eversound's monthly membership equips your team with the right tools to make an immediate and powerful difference in your community. In addition to Eversound's headphone system, membership includes ongoing training and support, replacement parts, access to exclusive content like activity programs, and much more.