bringing sunrise senior living and eversound together

By partnering with Eversound, you can make an immediate impact in your community and transform daily life for your residents and staff. Eversound headphones are designed specifically for seniors, enhancing focus and engagement in group and one-on-one situations. Membership is both simple and affordable.

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How Eversound can help Sunrise

Eversound compliments Sunrise Senior Living's 8 Signature Programs and Principles of Service.

group programs

Enhance your existing programs, including walking clubs, aerobics classes, tours, and activities. Eversound is easy to transport to all of your programs and events, such as “Meet Me at MoMa”.

Increasing engagement, participation, and attendance at your programming increases resident satisfaction and well-being and decreases the risk of social isolation, depression, and cognitive decline.

Because Eversound can reach up to 300 meters, even residents confined to their beds can participate in group activities.

who this helps in your community

Life Enrichment Managers

principles of service

  • Nurturing the Spirit
  • Celebrating Individuality
  • Enabling Freedom of Choice

signature programs

  • Live With Action
  • Live With Artistry
  • Live With Reflection
  • Live With Learning
  • Live With Anticipation

communication with caregivers

Empower residents and attract baby boomers by offering opportunities for them to take part in their health care plans and decisions.

who this helps in your community

  • Nurse Team
  • Senior Living Counselors

principles of service

  • Preserve Dignity
  • Encouraging Independence
  • Enabling Freedom of Choice

visits with family and friends

Reconnect residents and their families by enhancing communication.

who this helps in your community

  • Life Enrichment Managers
  • Designated Care Managers

principles of service

  • Involving Family and Friends
  • Celebrating Individuality

signature programs

  • Live With Legacy
  • Live With Generosity

music therapy

Improve mood in residents, particularly those experiencing cognitive decline.

We have had success [using] Eversound with some residents with behavioral issues. It has become one of our strategies before resorting to medications. . ."

Loren Shook Loren Shook
CEO, Silverado Memory Care

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who this helps in your community

Memory Care Team

principles of service

Nurturing the Spirit

signature programs

Live With Melody

prospective resident tours

Attract prospective residents by highlighting Sunrise’s leadership in embracing innovative technology.

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