our advanced listening system

Our advanced listening systems, designed for use in senior living communities, enhance seniors’ ability to hear and focus. By improving hearing ability, residents can better communicate and engage in one-on-one interactions and group activities and potentially avoid the consequences of untreated hearing loss.

Our listening system includes:


Ergonomically designed for personalized listening and comfort


Dual input technology allows for simultaneous broadcast of audio and voice over long distances to dozens of residents

Charging station*

Portable and all-in-one charging stations that are easy to move around your community

*Transmitter type and charging station is based on selected package. All listening system package memberships are protected by our 30-Day Happiness Guarantee. As an Eversound member, your team is partnered with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you every step of the way.

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listening system features

Eversound connects directly to your A/V system for use during speaker events, movies, and more and to any audio source with a physical audio output.

Each pair of Eversound headphones features an easy-to-use personal volume dial and simple pairing process.
Charging Eversound headphones is fast and simple with the included case.
The transmitter and headphones can be up to 300 feet apart.
Eversound headphones are lightweight, adjustable and hearing-aid friendly for ultimate comfort for all residents during listening sessions.
Eversound headphones are fully wireless and can be used without cellular networks or Wi-Fi. Designed with privacy in mind, no conversations or data is recorded.

Using the include microphones, you can walk & talk while you broadcast your voice. (included with standard transmitter).

Our microphone-transmitter can be worn either around the neck as a pendant or placed on a table.
Our Community Engagement team is always available to help empower your residents.
Charging Eversound headphones is fast and simple with the included case.
Eversound headphones are made with anti-microbial plastics that promote sanitation and are easily cleaned with alcohol-based wipes or products.
Broadcast to up to 120 headphones simultaneously.

Multiple uses. Infinite Possibilities.



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