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Silverado Memory Care enhances quality of life with Eversound®

Silverado Senior Living has been dedicated to enhancing older adults’ quality of life since its founding in 1996.

Today, Silverado operates 36 memory care communities across eight states and has a reputation for innovation and evidence-based programming.

Discovering profound benefits through technology

As a national leader in senior care and dementia, Silverado collaborates with research organizations to develop and perfect new treatments and care techniques to provide the highest quality of care.

Kathy Greene, Senior Vice President, Programs and Services Integration at Silverado Memory Care

Kathy Greene, Silverado’s Senior Vice President of Programs and Services Integration, attends the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) annual conference and has presented on the effects of brain health within long-term memory care. Silverado began a collaborative partnership with Eversound to improve resident engagement through technology.

Bringing Eversound to Silverado

Silverado first adopted Eversound at Calabasas Memory Care. The following month, it was launched in Silverado’s Encinitas Memory Care. After witnessing Eversound’s ability to improve hearing, calm residents with cognitive and sensory impairment, and increase focus, participation, and socialization, Silverado knew Eversound was capable of improving the lives of all of its residents. Within two months, Eversound was implemented in all 36 of Silverado’s communities.

Eversound’s Community Engagement team completed Silverado’s entire rollout in 30 days, which included shipping the system to communities, assisting with installation, providing training on best practices, and personally supporting and guiding each activity professional.

Even though Eversound was designed for group-based activities, Silverado also finds it beneficial for one-on-one situations. According to one Resident Engagement Director, Eversound is used every time someone speaks – not only to help residents hear, but to facilitate focus and attention.

Silverado uses Eversound multiple times a day in just about all of their innovative program offerings:

  • Yoga, meditation, and exercise
  • Creative arts, dance, and music
  • Charades, games, and audiobooks
  • Flower arranging
  • …And many more!

Seeing the positive benefits of Eversound

Eversound has been readily adopted by staff and has demonstrated a variety of benefits, from recreational group activities to better nutrition, as Eversound blocks out distracting dining room noise.

Residents have experienced improved mood, cognition, and enjoyment in activities. It has helped strengthen relationships between residents, in addition to their relationships with family members and staff. Using Eversound with music has dramatically improved the lives of residents who experience agitation.

Residents and staff have both seen noticeable differences in engagement across group programs. The technology has enabled staff and family members to communicate with residents who are usually not responsive. One resident started crying the first time she used Eversound, saying, “I can hear you! I want to play the game!” Another resident, who would normally sleep all day, started participating actively during trivia.

Before Eversound, one resident living with aphasia was experiencing increased anxiety and language difficulty as a result of aphasia. As a devout Christian, she was always soothed by singing hymns and attending church services. As her condition progressed, these interventions no longer seemed to work. Once Eversound was introduced, her behavior changed. She was able to recall all of the words to her favorite hymns and was no longer anxious.

Eversound has also played a tremendous role in Silverado’s support groups for Parkinson’s and early stage dementia. Before Eversound, participating in these groups was especially difficult for soft-spoken or hearing-impaired residents, who would have trouble engaging in activities when they could not hear. Eversound was able to change this resulting in increased engagement and a better sense of community.

See Eversound in action at Silverado »

Eversound has been a home run. We’ve been using it for our residents and seen it make a real difference for a number of our people. In fact we have had success with some residents with behavioral issues. It has become one of our strategies before resorting to medications. The results of the Eversound system has been very good."

Loren Shook
Silverado Memory Care
Loren Shook of Silverado Memory Care for seniors